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What is RSComparison?

RS Comparison is a website dedicated to Runescape merchants. Our aim is to provide a single platform for the RS players for finding the best and cheapest OSRS or RS3 Gold Sellers, Swappers, Exchangers, Power Levelers, Private Servers and alot more.

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What is Runescape?

RuneScape, also known as RuneScape 3, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on fantasy. RuneScape is arguably one of the most popular online gaming franchises ever, with over 250 million accounts created, numerous spin-off games, a series of books, and a very loyal fanbase. This MMORPG takes motion in the fantasy land of Gielinor. Players take the form of a modifiable avatar in the game. RuneScape is not based on a set plot either; the player on the other hand paved their own way through the game with their own aims and ambitions. They can fight, train a skill, take part in a quest, fight monsters or just interact. It is entirely up to them 

When Did Runescape Come out?

Runescape first came into being and was released back in January 2001 by the British video game developer Jagex. Initially a browser game built using the Java programming language, it was massively superseded by a stand-alone C++ coded client by 2016. As the game started gaining popularity within the masses, the game engine was then revised and released as RuneScape 2 and the previous game started being referred as RuneScape Classic. RuneScape 3, the third alteration, was launched in July 2013. A separate rather older version of the game dating from August 2007, Old School RuneScape was released back in 2013. 

When Did Oldschool Runescape Come out?

The OldSchool RuneScape is considered massive-multiplayer online role-playing game or an MMORPG, developed and launched by Jagex on the 22nd of February back in 2013. OSRS was initially a build of RuneScape but it has received new content, massive engine improvements and the in game-polls usually decide the quality of life updates. The OldSchool RuneScape has a larger user-base than RuneScape does, although it has a relatively smaller development team and a slower schedule for updates. The input mechanics for OSRS are mainly point-and-click. Just like RuneScape, OSRS also uses the subscription method to make profits. 

How to safely buy Runescape gold?

Buying and selling Runescape gold is bit risky whether it is RS3 or OSRS. The risks involved in buying/selling are of two types. One is the account getting banned during the trade or after the trade. The RWT ban is permanent and not appealable at all. So you might lose your previous rs account forever.

Secondly, the merchant you are buying or selling must be trustworthy. Once the gold is given, you can not take it back. Here comes the trust factor. Best thing to do while selling runescape gold is  to sell in parts and take payment after every increment. If you are buying RS Gold, look for trustworthy sites, do your own research.

Some people adopted the concept of buying gold through staking or PKing method. These might help a little bit in preventing bans but nothing can be said with full assurity.

On the other hand, most gold selling websites delivery hundreds of orders from one account, thus there is a risk of that account being flagged and you may get banned.


Payment Methods to Buy RS3 & OSRS Gold

Every merchant has their own payment methods but some of the most common are:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Transfer
  • Zelle
  • Cashapp
  • Paysafecard
  • And alot more.

Exchange, Swap and Transfer between RS3 & OSRS

RS3 to OSRS Gold

Jagex has allowed the exchange of gold between both servers. This has to be done through any reputable gold swapper or with any of your friend. This trade is purely trust trade, either one of the person has to go first. 

For example, Player A looking to transfer rs3 to osrs gold will have to pay RS3 first and then meeto n OSRS to get his OSRS gold from Player B.

OSRS to RS3 Gold

This works exactly like RS3 to osrs swap. The players has to do a trust trade between the swapper or any of their friend. One person gives the osrs gold and gets RS3 gold. This exchange is not 1:1, the swap rates vary depending on the market therefore you must do your research before proceeding with the swap. 

Check our listing of trust worthy swappers on the Swap page.

Accounts and Maxed Main Rentals

Renting in real life things is very common, but who knew you could rent maxed main accounts in oldschool for staking or Pking? Some people even rent their polypore staker accounts in RS3. All you have to do is to find a trusted service provider and rent it through them. Maxed Main Rentals is an alternate if you dont have a maxed account for staking.

We have an up to date listing with all the reputable renters on our rental page.

Runescape OSRS Power Leveling

Power leveling is a service to train Runescape Accounts. Are you bored of the grind or fed up runecrafting? Mining? Fishing? etc. Let someone else play on your account while you enjoy the game. No need to grind all day for XP gains.

We have compiled a list of all trusted power levelers how will train your account by hand or bot. Depending on the service provider. Jagex doesn’t care about account sharing but be careful who you choose, if someone bots on your account it may get banned. Botting and Macro bans are not appeal able therefore you may loose your account forever.

Runescape Private Servers

Are you bored of playing the conventional oldschool or RS3? Do not worry, there are some people in the Runscape community who came up with a solution for all this. 

Runescape private servers came into being, these are the servers not owned by Jagex and not linked to the original game. However the game play is similar but varies from different RSPS to RSPS. Some RSPS will have additional items, smaller map, additional features or reduced features etc. 

Private servers are pretty popular among the veteran players who just play for fun now. They get the chance to modify the game according to their desire and will. 

Check our list of Runescape Private servers.