1-99 Fletching Guide OSRS

Fletching Training Methods and Tactics for Fastest XP

How can the player train Fletching?

Fletching is really a skill that helps the user to create different kinds of ranged weapons and their ammo. The products as a result of this skill are predominantly used during the combat skill, Ranged. Some of the most prominent materials used for High Alchemy are provided by the help of Fletching, which is a widely used form of technique for training the Magic skill. This guide is all about Fletching in OSRS.

The skill can be trained at a higher Fletching level without losing any coins, though a considerable amount of working capital is very beneficial. Money can be fostered usually at higher levels of Fletching. Conversely, more expensive methods result can be achieved extremely quick.

The best place to train Fletching before the Grand Exchange was Seers ‘ Village bank. This is because most people sold their yew, maple and magic logs and bowstrings here. As a result of this, there were often people buying in bulk longbows to alchemize to gain experience in Magic. The most frequent traded logs and longbows have all been yews. Not many people bought longbows of a lower level or willows, so it was often wise to sell them to a general store for profit in noted form. Most players train Fletching right on the Grand Exchange themselves with the help of the Grand Exchange to easily buy and sell their essential materials.

What are the Fastest methods to get 99 Fletching?

We have made a list of important and essential things that you can do in order to get to Fletching 99 in no time! The following fletching guide 2020 will give you all the necessary details and info you require to reach level 99 so get fletching!

Fastest methods to train Fletching in OSRS:

1-99 Fletching Guide Explained in a Video

Fletching can be fully trained when carrying out other tasks, suggesting the skill is deemed inactive and can be trained in what is known as “zero time”. Practices which are filled with lots of running, require downtime, and not need full space in the inventory are well adapted for Fletching training, such as Agility training, questing, Hunter training (with the exception of black chinchompas and black salamanders), farm runs, Slayer training, Wintertodt subduing etc.


Fletching bolts (affixing feathers to bolts that are unfinished) work in a similar way to darts, however offer fewer experience per action particularly in comparison to darts, and some choices aren’t viable due to low production or low purchase limits.


Fletching darts is probably the most practical option for zero time training, since it takes just two clicks to fletch a collection of darts, does not disrupt activity, offers high per-action experience and dart tips typically have a large availability on the Grand Exchange. This however comes at a moderate to high loss and requires a huge amount of capital to purchase all the required dart tips and feathers. Mithril or adamant are the most popular and usually the cheapest alternatives available.

Ironman Fletching Training Methods: To smith dart tips you must have accomplished The Tourist Trap quest Without the quest though, darts can also be fletched using dart tips dropped from implings and monsters.

Pro tip for users: If you aren’t click-savvy, try fletching darts on phone with both fingers tapping one after the other on feathers and the dart tips. Fletching 20 or 30 darts per tick this way is popular and very common, but achieving a faster speed is also possible.


Arrows can still be created when running however they cannot be made at the same rate as darts or bolts. Throughout different activities, such as training agility or during birdhouse runs they may be “zero timed”.

Tipping bolts

Although they can not be produced at the same rate as bolts or darts, tipped bolts can still be produced when running For different activities, such as training agility (just between certain obstacles) or during birdhouse runs, they may be “zero timed. Certain options aren’t available due to low availability, low trade volume of content or product, or low purchasing limits and often require substantial amounts of capital.

Incorporating tips to dragon bolts may be more lucrative, but requires a massive amount of capital, and some alternatives are not available due to low supply of material or low trade volume, or low purchasing restrictions.

Other various methods:

This segment would indicate the number and time of either the logs or unstrung bows and bowstrings required to reach level 99 by moving to each newly unlocked type of bow you should fletch as quickly and efficiently as possible along with the quantity of the materials involved: logs, unstrung bows, bowstrings and finished bows.

Such rates of experience do not compensate for the time spent on banking i.e. the quickest xp you can get is a little over 195k xp/h if you are stringing magic longbows.

Level 1–5/10 – Arrow shafts

The best way to get from level 1 to level 5 faster and more efficiently is through fletching arrow shafts, which offer 5 per log experience.

  • Experience required by the player: 388
  • Logs that are required: 78 
  • Time taken: 150 seconds
  • Cost of Logs= 1,326
  • Arrow shafts = 1,170
  • Total Profit/Loss = -156

Level 5–99 – Bows

Creating bows is a slow form of training in Fletching, however it demands a very minimal amount of work and is usually cheap or lucrative. Comparatively Fletching unstrung bows is definitely more AFK, but yields less experience per hour, stringing bows is quicker, but more effort is required and so is attention. Because fletching unstrung bows ends up taking 3 ticks per bow, it takes 48.6 seconds to fletch an inventory; stringing bows require 2 ticks per bow which means that it takes 16.8 seconds to fletch out an inventory.

Each segment would display the period and number of either logs or unstrung bows and bowstrings that are required for the player to reach level 99 by switching to each newly activated form of bow you should fletch as soon as possible along with the amounts of the materials that are involved: logs, unstrung bows, bowstrings and finished bows.

Level 15–30 – Iron arrows

Fletch for 2,505 arrow shafts (that is about167 standard logs), add 2,505 feathers (and that will get you through level 15, so that you can continue forward), and then attach 2,505 Iron arrow tips. This specific approach will roughly make break even.

  • Experience required by the player: 7,842
  • Logs required: 167
  • Feathers needed: 2,505
  • Iron arrowtips that are needed: 2,505
  • Cost of the Logs = 2,839
  • Cost of the Feathers = 7,515
  • Cost of the Iron arrowtips = 12,525
  • Iron arrows = 10,020
  • Total Profit/Loss as a result= -12,859
  • Total experience as a result= 9,602.5

In reality this process manages to achieve level 26 for a total of 9,602.5 xp (going to assume that the player begins at level 1 with 0 xp). 5xp for 15 arrow shafts, 15 xp for 15 attached feathers and 37.5 xp for 15 attached arrowtips.

Level 30–99 – Steel arrows

Fletching steel arrows is a reasonably fast, sometimes profitable, method of training Fletching. This is because it is often possible to sell the arrows above the market price, which means that the players will sell them at the same price as they bought the materials to let them break even. Each set generates a yield of 75 experience (5 experience is gained per arrow).

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 13,021,068
  • Headless arrows and Steel arrowtips that are required by the payer: 2,604,214
  • Time: 62 hours
  • Estimated experience per hour: 210,000
  • Steel arrowtips price = 91,147,490
  • Headless arrow price = 20,833,712
  • Cost per arrow = -10
  • Profit/Loss per experience: -2
  • Total cost = 111,981,202
  • Total Profit/Loss= -26,042,140

Level 52–99 – Broad arrows

Fletching broad arrows is a fast method yet an expensive form of training in Fletching. You produce 10 sets of 15 arrows with an experience rate of 10 per arrow (150 experience is gained per set) when you fletch broad arrows. Because broad arrows cannot be traded and are untradeable, this training method will make no sort of profit to the player. Do bear in mind that the player must have unlocked the ability to fletch these arrows from a slayer master.

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 12,910,771
  • Headless arrows and Broad arrowheads required by the player: 1,291,078
  • Time : 41 hours 38 minutes
  • An estimated experience gained per hour: 310,000
  • Cost of the Broad arrowheads = 73,591,446
  • Cost of the Headless arrow = 10,328,624
  • Cost per arrow = -65
  • Profit/Loss per experience: -6.5
  • Cost total= 83,920,070
  • Total Profit/Loss= -83,920,070 (finished product is untradeable)

If you are worried about running short on gold for supplies, checkout our list of trusted Runescape Gold Sellers on the OSRS Gold page.

Level 55-99 – Broad bolts

Broad bolts 5 Beginning at level 55, players are now able to make broad bolts, only if they have managed to unlock the ability to be able to fletch them for 300 points from a slayer master. These broad bolts are fletched 10 at a time and the user is able to generate around 3 Fletching experience per bolt, or an experience of 30 per set of every 10 bolts that are produced.The experience that is to be generated depends on how quickly you click on the unfinished feathers and bolts, as there is no  option available of “make x”, one has to click the feathers and then bolts for each set of 10 that is produced.Broad bolts will undergo an average of about 110,000 experience an hour, and under intense concentration they can also go as far as up to 170,000. 

When you purchase the unfinished broad bolts from a slayer master it will cost you 58 coins to make a broad bolt and it will cost you 59 coins If you buy them from the Grand Exchange. More importantly due to a high demand in the market, they can easily be sold for more 60+ coins per bolt on the Grand Exchange and reap good profits for the player.

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 12,867,795
  • Amount of unfinished broad bolts that are required by the player: 4,289,265
  • Amount of feathers that is required: 4,289,265
  • Time estimate: 116 hours and 59 minutes (Estimated 110,000 experience is gained per hour)
  • Cost of unfinished broad bolts = 240,198,840
  • Cost of feathers = 12,867,795
  • Total amount of unfinished broad bolts and feathers = 253,066,635
  • Broad bolts = 257,355,900
  • Total Profit/Loss= 4,289,265

Level 65–99 – Diamond bolts

As an alternative to broad bolts, diamond bolts can be made which can significantly provide the player with more experience and profit gain every hour. Although the supplies for adamant bolts and diamond bolt tips need to be purchased with a bigger cash stack. Diamond bolts are produced 10 at a time, and give around 7 Fletching experience for every bolt which as a result accumulates in a total of 70 per set experience.

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 12,585,003
  • Amount of Adamant bolts needed: 1,797,858
  • Amount of Diamond bolt tips needed: 1,797,858
  • Time: 69 hours 55 minutes
  • Estimated experience that is gained per hour: 180,000
  • Cost of Adamant bolts = 323,614,440
  • Cost of Diamond bolt tips = 316,423,008
  • Total amount of Adamant bolts and diamond bolt tips = 640,037,448
  • Total Profit/Loss= 8,989,290
  • Profit/Loss per experience: 0.71

Level 67-99 – Adamant Darts

After getting till level 67 the player should then move on and start fletching adamant darts. This specific method of training will result in the player gaining well over and more than 1 million experience per hour and aside from that it is also one of the most efficient methods of training in fletching. Although creating adamant darts is a rather expensive method of training in fletching, but the expensiveness definitely pays off in terms that the player is also able to save a lot of time. If you are looking for a way to craft adamant darts, all that you require is adamant dart tips and feathers in your inventory. Upon acquiring these two essential materials all that the player needs to do now is to spam click on the dart tips and then the feathers. This is how the player will be able to produce adamant darts at a relatively faster pace and save time. However, please do keep in mind that it gets nearly impossible to produce this darts for more than one hour straight as your hands will get cramped and fatigued after a while of clicking and crafting darts for such a long time.

Despite the ease in crafting adamant darts, training fletching is a rather expensive process and is a little heavy on the pocket. To master this skill it might very well cost the player around and more than a 100 million RuneScape gold. To acquire RuneScape gp efficiently and safely, the player should make sure that they purchase RuneScape gp from a trustworthy and reliable seller who is verified. Upon doing this, the player is able to save the trouble of grinding for hours and hours to get to level 99 Fletching before even initiating the skill farming gold.

Level 82–90 – Amethyst arrows

Another fast and efficient way to train Fletching is through the help of Amethyst arrows. These arrows are fletched fifteen at one time in complete sets of ten. These sets grant the player with an experience rate of 202.5 per action or an experience rate of 13.5 per arrow. It is very much possible for the user to gain around 603,000 experience every hour if they put their concentration on it completely. 

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 2,925,245
  • Headless arrows and Amethyst arrow heads that are required by the payer: 216,685
  • Time = 4 hours 51 minutes
  • Estimated rate of experience that is gained per hour: 603k xp/h
  • Cost of Amethyst arrowtips = 51,571,030
  • Cost of Headless arrows = 1,733,480
  • Loss that is made per arrow = -54
  • Profit/Loss that is made per experience: -4
  • Total cost = 53,304,510
  • Total Profit/Loss= -15,167,950
  • Approximate cost per hour ≈ -3,126,690

Level 90–99 – Dragon arrows

Like the aforementioned methods, the Dragon arrows are another extremely fast way for the player to train Fletching. 10 Dragon arrows are fletched at a time in sets of 15, at the cost of an experience of 15 per each arrow (225 experience per every action that is made). If the player puts his entire focus and concentration, it is very much possible for them to gain around 670,000 experience per hour.

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 7,688,099
  • Headless arrows and Dragon arrow heads that are required by the payer: 512,540
  • Time = 14 hours
  • Estimated rate of experience that is gained per hour: 670k xp/h
  • Cost of Dragon arrowtips = 340,839,100
  • Headless arrows = 4,100,320
  • Loss that is made  per arrow = -52
  • Profit/Loss that is made per experience: -3.47
  • Total cost = 344,939,420
  • Total Profit/Loss made = -26,652,080

Level 92–99 – Dragon javelins

Along with the release of Monkey Madness II, The Dragon javelins are probably the fastest way for the player to train Fletching that too at a moderate and bare minimum loss. The player can fletch 10 Dragon javelins in sets of 15, at the price of 15 experience per javelin (225 experience per every action). It is entirely achievable for the player to gain 670,000 experience per hour only if they put in a lot of effort and concentration to the task.

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 6,517,178
  • Dragon javelin heads and shafts that are required by the payer: 434,479
  • Time = 9 hours 39 minutes
  • Estimated rate of experience that is gained per hour: 670k xp/h
  • Cost of Dragon javelin head = 409,713,697
  • Javelin shafts = 434,479
  • Loss that is made per javelin = -45
  • Profit/cost that is made per xp = -3
  • Total cost = 410,148,176
  • Total Profit/Loss that is made= -18,682,597

Level 92–99 – Redwood shields

If you are looking for an alternative method of training in Fletching, the Redwood shields are a good option as well. To fletch one of these Redwood shields, the player needs just two logs. This generates around 216 experience per shield. 

  • Experience that is needed by the player: 6,517,178
  • Redwood logs that are required by the payer: 60,346
  • Time: 38 hours 35 minutes
  • Estimated rate of experience that is gained per hour: 168k xp/hr
  • Cost of Redwood logs = 18,767,606
  • Redwood shields = 10,077,782
  • Total Profit/Loss(fletching) that is made = -8,689,824
  • Per xp: -1.33

Helpful quests

Some specific quests, such as the following ones that are mentioned, give the player Fletching experience as a one-time quest reward:

  • The player is able to gain around 1000 experience (level 1-9) in Animal Magnetism.
  • The player is able to gain around 260 experience (level 9-10) in Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
  • The player is able to gain around 2000 experience (level 10-17) in Zogre Flesh Eaters.
  • The player is able to gain around 8000 experience (level 17-28) in Temple of Ikov.
  • The player is able to gain around 2813 experience (level 28-30) in The Fremennik Trials.
  • The player is able to gain around 5000 experience in Devious Minds.

Do bear in mind that spending spending experience lamps that the player has acquired or gained from quests on fletching is regarded as bad practice in the OSRS world. 

By following the steps mentioned in this guide you will get to Level 99 in Fletching in no time!

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