Training Hunter in Oldschool RS fastest method

A member-only skill, Hunter is a skill in RuneScape where players capture various creatures and animals. While Hunter comes under a non-combat skill, hunting can still damage players. Utilizing hunting equipment purchased from hunter shops, players may hunt particular creatures that get rewards including spotted kebbit fur for black salamanders, ammunition, spotted cape chinchompa, and fabled dragon implings.

As players improve the skill of Hunter, they acquire the ability to catch creatures that, when captured give more experience. Improving the Hunter skill often allows players to quickly set more traps at the same time. In the Wilderness, Training Hunter allows players to deploy an additional trap. It is strongly recommended that you begin A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen so you gain access to the fairy rings. Doing this reduces the time it takes to reach each hunter area significantly To bypass the sluggish initial levels, a completion of the Natural History Quiz is suggested, which allows you enough experience to hit level 9.

What items are essential for Hunter Training? (Hunter shops):

-Completion of the Eagles’ Peak quest is essential for a player to be able to set box traps

For levels 1-15 the player should get a noose wand to track kebbits.

For levels 1-29 the player should get a bird snares if opting to catch birds.

For levels 15-33 the player should get a butterfly net & 5-20+ butterfly jars to net butterflies.

For levels 33-47 the player should get a knife and axe to deadfall trap kebbit.

Beginning at level 29 or 47, the player should get a rope and a small fishing net to net trap salamanders or swamp lizards respectively.

Beginning at level 53, the player should get a box trap for chinchompas.

Number of Traps

 LevelConcurrent trapsWilderness

Hunter Training OSRS

Natural History Quiz (Level 1–9):

Level 9 Hunter is easily reachable by completing the Varrock Museum’s Natural History Quiz.

Bird house traps (Levels 5–80/99)

Establishing and inspecting bird house traps at Fossil Island is a relaxed Hunter training method that can be completed every 50 minutes and easily gives the best Hunter experience up all the way till level 80. This is intended for players who want to level Hunter without much difficulty (in comparison to Farming) and consistently, not for players who are hunting to gain the best real-time experience rates. Nonetheless, even players looking for the best real-time Hunter experience may want to try performing bird house runs for lower levels instead, as it’s considerably better than the active low-level methods of training. Even at level 5, the gained experience as time passes accumulates 53,000 experiences for every consistently hour spent, undefeated by all other means available at these levels and higher as well. As long as acquiring levels fast is not a necessity, this method is viable even up to 99.

Creating a bird house includes the correlating sort of clockwork and log. On a crafting table 2 or higher in a POH, clockworks can be made from a steel bar at the stage 8. At the Grand Exchange, both bird houses and clockworks can also be purchased but are seldom exchanged, whereas the necessary hop seeds (any sort) can be purchased. When a filled birdhouse is obtained, clockworks are returned together with feathers and bird nests.

-To construct 4 of the corresponding kind of bird house you require 4 logs.

-A digsite pendant (Or a digsite pendant mounted in the player’s house) (Completion of the Dig Site quest and Bone Voyage is essential if you want to return to Fossil Island)

-A Chisel

-A Hammer

-An Extra clockwork for constructing a bird house as you’re running to the next bird house (suggested)

-40 hop seeds of any type (20 if wildblood seeds are being used)

How to do a birdhouse run:

-Teleport with the digsite pendant to Fossil Island and run north towards the mushtree.

-Avail the mushtree to get to the Valley of Verdant. Search the easter birdhouse along with the western one, then make your way back to the mushtree.

-Use a mushtree to get to the Mushroom Meadow. Travel a little north to search the mushtree bird house nearby.

-For the final birdhouse,run south towards the swamp entrance.

Feldip Weasels (Level 7–15)

In the Feldip Hunter area south of Yanille (fairy ring aks) feldip weasels may be caught with a noose wand Teleporting along on a dueling ring with the option of Castle Wars, then walking south, is a quick and easy way to get to the location. Close to the area’s core, two burrows are situated east of the dungeon icon. 

Every weasel grants 48 XP for every catch; you must catch a total of 37 to get to level 15.

Sandworms (Level 15–20)

Dig Sandworm castings with a bucket and spade to collect Bucket of sandworms and hand them to Tynan. A favor of 30 percent is needed in Port Piscarilius.

 Every filled bucket earns you 10 xp. You just get 5,000 XP every hour but you do have to earn them anyway to get favour with Piscarilius.

Ruby harvests (Level 15–29)

Obtain a butterfly net and a complete butterfly jar inventory and continue to the Piscatoris Hunter area (fairy ring akq) by using either a Piscatoris Teleport or by running northwards along the Tree Gnome Stronghold’s west wall. Travel slightly south of the yew tree indicated on the mini-map by the icon and begin capturing butterflies that fly over in this area.

Releasing them from the jars should gain you about 15,000 XP an hour when they’re full.

You can also choose to camp this position by just standing on it and spam tapping below your character once you have located a spawn location. Doing so provides between 12,000 and 13,000 XP per hour and drains hardly any running energy. To catch the long tails of copper you can also bring 2 bird snares, and raise your rates of XP.For each butterfly provides 24 XP, it is appropriate to catch a total of 401 Ruby harvests to get to level 29.

Swamp lizards (Level 29–37/59/99)

Trapping lizards necessitates a rope for each trap, and a small fishing net as well. It is possible to set two traps at levels 20-39 and to set three traps at the starting of level 40. Bringing four hunter potions and boosting Hunter to 40 + upon reaching level 37, is strongly recommended to help set up three traps. Wear gear that is weight-reducing, preferably the boots of lightness or the graceful outfit, to insure you have run energy at all times. To reduce energy usage, drop swamp lizards regularly or bring energy and/or stamina potions (levels 29-59 would take around 20 stamina potions).

Per caught swamp lizard rewards an xp of 152, yielding around 20-25k xp / hr at 29-37 levels. After three traps are installed (on the area immediately southeast or southwest to the Werewolf Agility Course) more than 40k xp / hr can be achieved at levels that are lower, plus 50-54k xp / hr can be reached at 56-59 level.Orange salamanders, on the other side yield, up to level 59, an xp of 55-65k per hr. Red salamanders are suggested for the training upon beginning level 59.

Prickly kebbits (Level 37–43)

The deadfall traps used to capture such kebbits necessitate an axe and a knife. They reside in the region of Piscatoris Hunter (fairy ring akq). For players with level 32 Fletching a chisel is also suggested to fletch kebbit spikes onto kebbit bolts. It offers not only more inventory capacity (quicker in comparison to dropping the spikes), but also a fair profit.

These kebbits give a benefit of 204 XP apiece, and they require a total of 117 kebbits to get to level 43. At 37 Hunter this method yields approximately 20kxp / hour. In the meantime, in some spots, you may capture copper longtails; players can get over 30k experience per hour using this process.

Falconry (Level 43–47/59)

You’re able to capture Spotted kebbits at level 43 Hunter which is giving 104 Hunter XP per capture. Extract from the bank 500 coins (or at minimum 1000 coins if you leave the Piscatoris falconry area and plan to enter the Piscatoris falconry area again to resume Hunter training); deposit some gloves (for example the graceful gloves), weapons, and/or shields as Matthias the falconer would tell you require both hands free to start.Head to the area of Piscatoris Hunter (fairy ring akq), and pass the area of Piscatoris falconry. To capture these kebbits, rent a gyr falcon, but remember that re-entering the Piscatoris falconry region mode allows you to pay the 500 coin fee.

Based on your accuracy, you might predict 35,000 to 55,000 experience an hour anywhere The average amount of experience per hour ranges from about 55,000 at level 45 to 65,000 at level 55, however. All this can be accomplished through using 2-3 kebbit spawns and by staying as close to the kebbits and their spawns as necessary reducing the travel distance of the falcon and your own walking distance.

Black salamanders (Levels 67–73/80)

You can start to catch Black Salamanders situated in the Wilderness using net traps at level 67 Hunter. They give the best rates of experience below level 73 Hunter, for an average of 75,000 to 125,000. You should expect to get up to 142,000 experience an hour before level 80 Hunter with attentiveness, and to rise to 150,000 + with level 80 Hunter when using 6 net traps.Take 5 sets of Ropes and Small Nets to level 64+ Hunter, as Wilderness trapping enables players to use 1 additional trap than the normal cap (4 at level 60). What this means is that 5 traps can be active at once. Players are allowed to bring 1 extra, so they can set up a trap before picking up a fallen trap. Bring Hunter potions to boost your catch rate too, and take into account using Harralander Tar and Lit Torches on the traps (improves the catch rate together by 5 percent, and it doesn’t waste ticks either).

Carnivorous chinchompas (Levels 69/80–99)

For the player to be able to set box traps, the completion of the Eagles’ Peak quest is essential.

For players who don’t want to hunt black chinchompas in the Wilderness, hunting carnivorous chinchompas offers good benefits and the best Hunter experience. Players need to either finish the Song of the Elves (A level 70 Hunter is required, though not boostable) to gain  access to the Gwenith Hunter region, or the hard set of tasks of the Western Provinces Diary (A level 69 Hunter is necessary, that is boostable with a spicy stew or a hunter potion) to gain access to the red chinchompa hunting ground as regular areas are normally packed and significantly worse experience rates are offered on hunting those grounds because of lesser chinchompa spawns. The area of Gwenith Hunter is the ideal place to hunt chinchompas that are carnivorous, however the hunting ground of red chinchompa is also viable and offers only slightly reduced rates.

Using a spirit tree to Prifdinas leaving the city north and running slightly northeast is the fastest way to get to the Gwenith Hunter forest. The hunting ground of red chinchompa is easily accessed using the aks of the fairy code and heading south-west.

One tick traps can be positioned more quickly through tick manipulation.In addition, if timed accurately, laying a trap immediately after picking up another (often regarded as trap resetting) is entirely possible; this is achieved by relocating to the preferred spot on the very same tick as laying the prior trap, collecting another one and clicking it in the inventory as fast as possible. Although it requires more effort and accurate clicks it does improve experience rates notably.

Experience rates vary according to the level and efficiency of the player. The player will expect to gain up to 95,000–100,000 experience per hour at level 70, and 110,000–115,000 at level 79 if he hunts in the Gwenith Hunter region and uses tick manipulation. The experience  levels undergo improvement at level 80 to around 140,000–150,000 experience per hour, and then at level 90 to 160,000–170,000 experience per hour. Players are able to gain up to 195,000–205,000 hourly experience at level 99. Using an alternative account to shoot stray chinchompas, the player can reach slightly higher rates.

At the current average market value of 1,877, from level 69 to 99, here you will profit about 87,592,082 from red chinchompas. To reach level 99, this will take 46,666 red chinchompas from 69 level (or 41,692 from 80 level).

A bonecrusher may also be useful, as it will immediately bury the bones from the kebbits, helping in reducing the time spent dropping items to half..

You can capture Dark Kebbits at level 57 Hunter, that gives 132 XP in Hunter. The experience rating will undergo an increase between 55,000-63,000 experience every hour as you catch a combination of both Spotted Kebbit and Dark Kebbit.

Red salamanders (Level 59–67/80)

You could start catching red salamanders at level 59 Hunter. These are situated slightly south of the entry to the Ourania Cave, and can be managed to reach through the Lunar spellbook’s (71 Magic) Ourania Teleport or through teleporting to Castle Wars and heading north. The player can utilize a spirit tree to teleport to the Khazard Battlefield and walk westwards as an alternative.

Around  55,000 – 60,000 experience per hour can be averaged  when placing 3 traps simultaneously at level 59.

Use hunter potion, you’ll get 75k-80k exp per hour while putting 4 traps at level 57. Around 57 to 60 you’ll need around 10 hunter potions. From 59 to 60, around 2 hunter potions were used (one through Preserve prayer).

You will gain an average experience of 80,000-100,000 per hour at level 60-75 with 4 traps, increasing with level Hunter. 100,000 experience per hour can be gained with full focus while following these tips:

When training it is advised to use the trees south of the altar as there are four trees opposed to the three northeast of it so you can take 5 nets and ropes and reset traps before trying to pick up the ones that are collapsed. Weight-reducing equipment is preferred, preferably the graceful outfit to guarantee you have running energy at all times. To reduce energy usage, drop the Salamanders regularly. If not, carry along energy and/or stamina potions with you.

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Black salamanders ( Levels 67–73/80)

You will start to catch Black Salamanders found in the Wilderness using net traps at level 67 Hunter. They give the best rates of experience below level 73 Hunter, for a range of 75,000 to 125,000. You should expect to get up to 142,000 focus experience an hour before level 80 Hunter, and to grow to 150,000+ with level 80 Hunter while using 6 net traps. Take 5 sets of Ropes and Small Nets to level 64 + Hunter, as Wilderness trapping enables players to include 1 additional trap other than the normal cap (4 at lvl 60). It ensures that at one point 5 traps can be activated and players should carry 1 additional, so they can set up a trap before picking up a dropped trap. Carry Hunter potions for increasing the rate of your catch, and try using Harralander Tar and Lit Torches on the traps (increases the catch value together by 5 percent, and doesn’t let ticks go to waste).

Whereas the black salamanders are found throughout the wilderness the hunting area is not famous between player killers and players can teleport away if they are attacked Players could use a burning amulet to teleport to the Chaos Temple and sprint northeast, or teleport to the Corporeal Beast by using the Games Necklace lair in order to reach this hunting area with absolute ease.

Black chinchompas (Levels 73–99)

Finishing the Eagles’ Peak quest is essential for a player to be able to set up box traps.

The best rates of experience and benefits are offered by hunting black chinchompas from level 73. They live in level 32-36 Forest however and the hunting region is a popular hot spot killing activity. Using a waka canoe from Edgeville to the Wilderness pond (requires 57 Woodcutting) is probably the fastest way to get to the hunting area , or east of the cave of Corporeal Beast to level 35 Wilderness and running southeast (finishing of the hard task sets in the Wilderness Diary is highly recommended) or a Wilderness Obelisk from the player-owned house.Players having a 99 in Hunter can also access theHunter cape teleport to go to the black chinchompas.

Players should use a ranged weapon to shoot stray chinchompas who scurry away from the box traps. Shooting a rogue chinchompa causes a new one to spawn, and the freshly spawned chinchompa generally goes into the trap even quicker than a stray one does, thereby significantly increasing the experience rates. An alternative account is the best choice for doing it (also referred to as a shooting alt), however it can also be completed on the slightly slower main account. 

Traps can be placed one tick more quickly via tick manipulation. This greatly raises experiential levels, but needs more commitment and accurate clicks. It is advisable to use a knife instead of herb and tar on a teak or mahogany log when it comes to tick manipulation, because it takes just 2 spaces of inventory instead of 3.

Between level 73 to level 99 it will require 38,228 black chinchompas or 35,075 black chinchompas in between level 80 o level 90. Use tick manipulation at higher levels, experience rates can be more than 200,000 per hour, or up to 230,000–240,000 per hour when using an alternative account to kill chinchompas that have gone astray. The maximum possible experience rate limits when continuously using a shooting alt and tick manipulation reaches about 275,000–285,000 experience per hour (At level 99). 

Money Making Method with Skilling in OSRS

At the current average market value of 3,661 as of 27 January 2020, from level 73 to 99, you can benefit from black chinchompas at around 139,952,708. Training Hunter for money making in OSRS is one of the most famous method among the players. You get multiple benefits with it, supplies or cash that can be used for other skills, XP in hunter to get another 99 out of the way.

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