F2P Money Making Methods

If you’re a starting player who began with a OSRS mobile, you’re possibly going to use the Free to Play mode. Similar to Pay to Play, playing on F2P has more restrictions and the opportunity of making money is much less than F2P. So in this guide we’re going to share a cash-making tutorial with those new players who have just begun the smartphone version of RuneScape. This guide will tell you some F2P money making approaches so that you can ultimately save enough OSRS gold for perhaps a Bond.

Three main categories of methods for making money in Old School RuneScape exist, namely: combating methods for making money, methods for gathering resources and making money by producing method.

F2P Money Making Techniques for New Comers:

1. Killing Cows

This is among the most popular methods of making money in OSRS. Several Cows are situated to the north of Lumbridge and to the east of the river. 15 in each of your Melee combat skills is needed (Strength, Attack, Defense) and you will have to purchase a steel Scimitar and full steel armor from the Grand Exchange. Quick to kill,  Cows drop Cowhides worth 150 gp each. Cowhides are always on demand as they can be used for early game Crafting methods for P2P and F2P. You’d get 50K-75 K gp / h based on your level of combat. It’s not a tremendous amount of money every hour, but given that Cows are among the popular early-game training methods, this isn’t really a bad place for both practicing and making money.

2. Cowhide Tanning

A production method of making money, tanning cowhide earns you around 75K gp/h. All that you really require for Cowhide tanning is some gp and Cowhides. You can locate Ellis in the north-west of Al Kharid providing tanning service for a nominal fee for every item (from Lumbridge, go through the toll gate which charges 10 coins). Due to his immediate proximity to the bank, it is common for users to retrieve cowhide from the bank, to have Ellis tan them, then to bank the tanned leathers and repeat the cycle.

3. Iron ore Mining 

For early-game money making, the Mining Iron Ore method is particularly beneficial for F2P games. You need 15 mines to mine Iron ore, and the higher the level of mining the more successful you will be. The only tool you require is a pickaxe, and it’s necessary that you have the highest pickaxe you can equip. If you’re 15 Mining, the better pickaxe you can carry is Black pickaxe, however it is harder to get the steel pickaxe, but you can obtain them both from the GE.

You can wield the Mithril pickaxe at level 21 Mining, the Adamant pickaxe at level 31, and the Rune pickaxe which is the strongest pickaxe in F2P at level 41.

The south-eastern and the south-western Varrock mine are the best mining sites. While mining Iron ore, you need a pickaxe in your inventory or equipped if you have the right level of Attack. The current worth of Iron ore is 175 gp, and the amount you’d get relies on your level of mining and how active these mining sites are. However, you could easily earn an average 100 K gp/h, and  you’d get up to 115k-125 K gp/h if you have a higher mining level.

One thing to consider is that if you have higher levels of mining, you might be inclined to mine greater levels of ores for revenue. Nevertheless, the amount of time needed to mine these ores is not really worthwhile for making money. However exceptions such as mining Runite or Gold ore that require higher levels of mining exist.

4. Gold Amulet Crafting 

You can design a Gold Amulette in Al Kharid, which needs Level 8 in Crafting, an amulet mold and some Gold Bars with your RS Gold from the GE. Every gold bar can be converted to 1 amulet, and you could gain 100K-125 K gp/h for this method.

Crafting a Gold Amulette is highly recommended as it gives you a good deal of RuneScape gold as well as Crafting XP that helps rank up your Crafting skills quite quickly in the early stages.

5. Picking up Ashes

This is an easy way to make some cash if you don’t have money. A lot of people practice their Firemaking skills and leave Ashes on the ground at the GE. Ashes are used in certain quests and member skills, so they are of some value. You’d earn around 40 K gp/h if you picked up these leftover ashes. 

6. Destroying Dark Wizard

You’re going to destroy the Dark Wizards a little south of where you cut the Oak trees in the village of Draynor. The most effective way to kill them is with your 20th level ranged skill. Dark Wizards drop various types of Runes, along with Nature Rune, which is as valuable as Black robes. They are worth 2 K rsgp each, and they are frequently dropped by the Dark Wizards. You could only get 40 K rsgp/h here, but you’re going to train your ranged skills, as this is an efficient method  to train all the way up to level 30.

You’re going to want to get the maximum level of Shortbow you can wear. You can wear the Iron arrows, the Willow shortbow, at level 20. When it comes to the gear, you can wear both the Studded body and the Studded chaps. An Amulet of Strength or Power can be purchased from the GE with which you can kill them easily without taking a lot of damage. It is advised, though, that you take some food with you.

7. Fishing Lobsters in Karamja 

This method uses resource gathering, while making money you’re going to get some Fishing XP. You need level 40 in Fishing to capture Lobsters.To catch Lobster ou’ll need a Lobster pot and some RS gold at Musa Point, which is on the northeastern side of Karamja, west of Port Sarim.

You have 2 options after your inventory is full of Lobsters:

  1. You can teleport to Falador with 37 Magic, bank the Lobsters, go back to Port Sarim and again take the boat.
  1. A different process to bank things is to go back to Port Sarim by boat and place your products in the deposit box.It will, however, cost around 540 rsgp, which will lower the profit slightly, assuming that nine round trips are done every hour, but this method is much faster.

A lot of other F2P or complex methods of making money exists, but the aforementioned methods in this article can help you start earning some Oldschool RuneScape gold at an early stage in the F2P game.


  1. Another way to start making some gold pieces is by levelling up askill such as Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining. These three skills are commonly used by players to make money in


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