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Archaeology Runescape 3 Guide

Archaeology Runescape 3 Guide
Archaeology guide rs3

Archaeology: Skill on the whole

Archaeology falls into the category of a gathering skill, a skill which has to be performed in a group. It falls on the 28th number o the list of runescape skills and has a upper most level of 120 with a regular experience demand. The main attribute of this skill (Archaeology Guide) is that it is available upto 20 in free to play worlds. There was a temporary prohibition of the use of bonus experience, experience lamps, Wisdom aura, Wise perk, Refer a friend, Clan Avatar or any other helping materials which could help gaining points on this skill. Moreover players get an extra 50 items worth of bank space to accommodate new items introduced with the archaeology skill. 

Requirements for Archaeology Cape

Completionist cape, trimmed completionist cape, and master quest cape are one of the most prestigious capes for players of runescape, and archaeology skill offers a six month grace period for all of them , however level 99 is not included in the grace period and access to max cape and the completionist cape is lost only till the level 99. Moreover level 120 is the part of the grace period. 

Locations and Spots


Acting GuildmasterReiniger

Before tutorial – DocksAfter tutorial – main building

Main Skill NPC

Matty Ock

Main Building

Owns the mattock shop


Main building

Owns the archaeology guild shop


Screening Station

Teaches the screening



Post tutorial revises the NPC tuturial

Head of Research

Exam Centre

Heads the research teams or research tutor

Museum Guard

Restoration benches

Museum donation curator


Outside the archaeology guild


Tutorial Guide

  1. Speaking to the Acting guild Reiniger            
  2. The Acting guild will hand over the player with first set of tools
  3. Start excavating
  1. Reach to the skill level 25/25 where u will find soil, ,materials and artefact
  1. Go back to reinger
  1. Then go to the screening station
  1. Gather the extra material and xp that was missed
  1. Return to reiniger
  1. From there go to the Archaeologist’s workbench to restore your Centurion’s dress sword (damaged).
  1. Go the collector near archaeology guild 
  1. Show the restored centurion’s dress sword
  1. Collect your reward from the collector
  1. Go back to reinger and tell him about the relic
  1. Talk to the monolith
  1. Activate first relic
  1. Go back to the reinger in the main building in the norht
  1. Collect a free archeological soil box from ezreal in the same building
Congratulations - Tutorial Completed!

Skilling Outfits

The skilling outfit and the elite skilling outfit is available at the archaeology guild shop. The currency to pay to for these guilds is choronotes. A complete outfit will provide 6% improvement in the overall experience but a minimum of level 70 is required to obtain the full outfit.

However the elite outfit gives a 7% increase in the archaeology experience but 7% increase to mattock base precision, increased speed while checking projects again, however it has a lot of benefits but the price comes at the highest skill level. It can be only acquired at level 99.

Grace of Elves

Grace of elves necklace can be charged to 5000 charges using signs of porter. The materials will be sent directly into material portal after completing the tutorial.

Ring of Whispers

This magic item will accelerate your chances of success while excavating.

Waterfiend (familiar)

This item grants a 5% chance to duplicate from screening and artefact to store within itself. It also allows movement of all items within familiar inventory.

Beast of Burden

It can be used to store materials while excavating and saves the player from visiting the deposit box again and again to deposit items.


This will give an extra 10% normal base experience every time a skillchompa is gained. It also has different types of skillchompas which require different number of levels and amount of money. 

NameLevel requiredGE price per skillchompaCost per hour
Cobalt Skillchompa317031,406,000
Viridian skillchompa416701,340,000
Azure skillchompa511,0862,172,000
Crimson Skillchompa6114172,834,000
Crystal Skillchompa7135017,020,000

Augmented Equipement

Players with a level 22 of invention can learn how to augment rocks. 


What is a mattock? A mattock is tool to excavate. It follows the same route as the mining skill, where players can use better mattocks as they improve levels. As you jump on to higher levels, the mattocks coming into use bring greater precision, which automatically effects progress rate and improves focus. 

There are several types of mattocks that are available at the archaeology skill which makes it easier and more fun to unlock and experience new precision. 

Mattock LevelPrecisionFocusSourceGE PRICE 
Bronze Mattock150Smithing Matty Ock’s Mattock Shop599
Iron Mattock10101Smithing Matty Ock’s Mattock Shop743
Steel Mattock20151Smithing Matty Ock’s Mattock Shop1423
Mithril Maattock30202Smithing Matty Ock’s Mattock Shop1536
Adamant Mattock40252Smithing Matty Ock’s Mattock Shop3064
Rune Mattock50303Smithing Matty Ock’s Mattock Shop
Orikalkum Mattock60403Smithing13,624
Dragon Mattock60504Ancient Casket113,855.390
Necronium Mattock70504Smithing22,045
Crystal Mattock70605Dragon Mattock + 4000 Harmonic DustN/A
Bane Mattock80605Smithing22,045
Imcando Mattock80706Dragon mattock + chunk + lump + shard + slice of imacando metalN/A
Elder Rune Mattock90706Smithing29,045
Mattock of Time and Space99807Crystal Mattock + Imcando Mattock + Energised Metriod ShardN/A
Guildmaster Tony’s Mattock99859Display case in the main building of the Archaeology GuildN/A

Dig Sites

Site NameLocationLevelExplanationWhat to find


East of Al-Khaird&South of Duel Arena
This is an old ancient fortress and the main battle ground of the Zaros that took on the Zamaorakian forces during the God Wars.

Zarosian WeaponsReligious artefactsscrolls of ancient knowledge. 


Under the jolly boar Inn .
Logically the site in under wildreness but its not accessible through wildreness so there are no hazards of the PVP. The site will unfold Zamarok’s connection with demons and how they were bought to geilinor.

Unlocking ancient summoning. 


East of Meiyerditc&south of the Araxyte Hive

Will lead to discover more dominion games and the secrets of the downfall of the set of islands. 

Items linked to Icyene culture 

Storm-guard Citadel

Overworld section of the Temple of Ikov
An old Armadylean fortress and laboratary

unlocking ancient invention


Sourthen Feldip Hills
An old Bandosian military installation for goblins.

The main attraction in the archaeology skill is the excavation finds. As you excavate you will find several hidden things that increase your skill level and the joy of the game. 

On a given hotspots, players will be required to dig and gather the different kinds of things. Following are the things that are most commonly obtained from digging an archaeological site. 


This is the most common finding in excavation. There are a total of 6 types of soils and five types can be found in all these sites while one is in the tutorial. The soil  can be stored in archaeological soil box which is available at archaeology guild shop.  


Materials are required for restoring artefacts. Each artefact requires different number of materials to be restored. A material storage container is also available and can be used to store materials upto 25 in number and can be  updated to 40 in number.


Several artefacts are found while inspection and they will show you the list of materials required to build them once they are found. Damaged artefacts will be your highest experience and skill booster 

This new archaeology skill that was suppose to launch in jnauary 2020 is intriguing 

because of a very special reason – it is an amalgamation of gathering and manufacturing skills with finding artefacts and smithing and fletching. This new update has 5 new places and also three new rewards that will change how this runescape will be perceived and played. Players will find this update exciting and very intresting. 

Archaeology: Gathering skill

The gathering skill is all based on the humble mattock – the main pick axe of archaeology. While you are at it, you will enjoy making these and keep on progressing as the xp increases. The different types of mattocks like crystal mattock, Imcando mattock and the mattock of space will increase your fun in excavating. 

Archaeology: Manufacturing skill

The different broken and damaged artefacts are going to be the best xp gaining opportunity. These damaged artefacts have to be restored. This is where the gathering part of the skill come sin handy, different artefacts require different materials and those different materials are suppose to be exchanged and traded with different players. 

Repairing damaged artefacts is actually a great way to gain xp and once an artefact is complete u can see how the xp table makes a jump.

The repaired artefact sites makes  a great bonus for the player as the player can then work further to develop it more and create a research team that will work on the artefact and create mysteries and problems for the players to solve.  The research team will have some famous characters working for you and making it all easy for you even when you are not online playing. 

Map Extension due to Archaeology

Apart from finding small artefacts and materials it is a skill where you can go and raid tombs and go on crusades to find lands unclaimed that you can build and renovate. As mentioned in the above table there are a total of 5 dig sites and 5 of them have huge historical references and make it easy for the players to dig deeper and unleash a huge bonanza of rewards. 


Now we move on to the most anticipated and the most interesting part of the archaeology skill and that is the reward. Every skill is performed by players to earn rewards and the archaeology skill offers fantastic of them. 

The easy method – Ancient Summoning

At the core of the Infernal source, after properly unearthing and unveiling all the secrets, the Summoning Skill will guide you how to link the powerful demons to your own will. This will happen after you use a binding contract. The Ancient summoning will require a binding contract, new materials of the charms and forging them together you will be able to create a spell to capture the existing demonic slayer and you will be able to summon them. The demons will come with all of their unique powers. 

The three most famous demons that can be acquired in this method are as follows:



Ripper Demon

It attacks on the target by assessing how mush health he has lost. It can imitate the jump attack with its active scroll. 

Abyssal Demon

It can automatically teleport to your target and deal with the effects once they teleport . It also has the ability to active scroll. 

Kalgerion demon

This has the strongest damaging effect and can also provide other players with critical brike goods. 

Another bonus is in Gelionor, in this place during archaeology you can get hold of blueprints of ancient inventions or things that our ancestors used to build, and by using those prints and new age materials, you can build new devices and artefacts and use them. 

The different types of devices that can be unearthed in this skill are as follows. 


Ancient Gizmo

This covers all three types of gizmo – weapon, tool & armour. This can be used to gain new advantages in the new archaeology skills. Furthermore, 9 slots will be unlocked and it will allow you to discover and find new combinations that werent used before.  

XP capacitor

This device is ideal for people who always want to level up their augmented items faster. It can either move them upto level 20 or use them for more xp. This device works that it takes some normal augmented items and fills them with xp which can then be traded to other players for xp and then can be used for trading meanwhile the capacitor keeps filing the items with xo until it runs dry. 

Kinetic Dynamo

Players who are unsatisfied by just using guthix juice for thier invention needs, this device will make them able to produce divine charges just by running and surging around. Once enough running is done with a kinetic dynamo it will provide you with charges until it breaks.  


These powerful items leave the discovery of their power to the player. In doing this you will gain permanent and powerful effects which will always remain active. You can choose 3 relic powers and keep on choosing and changing between them. 
The relics are very powerful and it will give you 20 or more advantages to keep in handy to gain :
Abyssal Link – Teleport spells without runes (Slayer Introspection – A minimum or a maximum number will be assigned while 

Concluding, the most appreciative thing about ancient invention is that it can further enhance tools like Fish-o-matic, Hammertron and Pyro-matic. These materials from the past have made modern day tools more efficient and effective. Also you can come across valuable weapons from the past which will be unknown in the modern world and will make you more powerful and invincible in the game. 

Frequently asked questions.

Keeping in mind all the wonderful details, there are a few important questions that a person has to keep in mind while launching a skill. 

Is this an elite skill? Does it go upo 120?

Archaeology is not an elite skill. it can be played as soon it is dropped. As mentioned extensively in this article there is a huge amount of work and variety incorporated into this skill. It is hoped that there will be plenty of skills and rewards to be introduced in this skill however it is anticipated that bonus xp and several other skill boosts will be put on hold after six months of its launch. 

What will be the starters advantages?

The starters of this skill will be given a free hand to play and dig around the Kharid- Et land to dig around. Also the skill cap will be raised to 20 for everyone to have a good time. A survey would be conducted and then other boosters will be incorporated. 

Does this skill have something exclusive?

The skill has an all new Archaeology elite-skilling outfit. This will not be using the old fragment method and is built entirely out of the archaeology skill. However it is not eays to gain, player will have to undergo special tasks in order to get hold of it. 

Inshort this skill has some extraordinary adventures and mysteries packed into it and it will be a voyage of fun and adventure. The newly introduced concepts and digging into the past to build a better present and future will be enjoyed by all players.


  1. Wow! This guide has in-depth information which is very helpful for veteran Runescape players and above all most especially for beginners. However, I think most gamers don’t want to do this super long quest but they have no choice because if they want to have a max cape. 🙂


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