Barrows Guide for Oldschool Runescape 2020

What are the Barrows and Barrows Brothers?

Barrows is indeed a challenging and dangerous mini-game. Just carry items that you can effectively protect, or items that you are okay with being lost.

The minigame Barrows is classified as an area-based combat minigame that was launched on the 9th of May, 2005 in Runescape. The minigame is titled after the six burial mounds inside which lie buried the Barrows brothers following their death during the Third Age.

Throughout this minigame, players try to rob precious items from the crypts of the Barrows brothers. However, the wights of the brothers continued to fixate in the barrows owing to an ancient spell, providing protection to those treasures.

Barrows is considered to be a very famous minigame amongst players because of the great potential of gaining precious rewards, which also includes the unique Barrows equipment. The aim of the minigame is to destroy the six Barrows brothers as well as opening the rewards chest. The Barrows brothers were ancient Saradomin warriors who, while fighting in the God Wars, established a reputation of close invincibility.

They started a massive attack to liberate Morytania from the clutches of Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan and his vampyres, which was known as the Morytania Campaign. When the brothers departed, they were given superhuman power by a mysterious stranger to fight Drakan’s forces by supplying them with the barrows armour and weapons now referred to as the Barrows equipment. It succeeded, seemingly invincible to the brothers who were at the front line. However, they hadn’t anticipated the stranger would have ulterior motives to help them.

When the brothers and their supporting army moved even more into enemy territory in Morytania, they were followed by the stranger until the brothers gradually became weak. In the fight, near the Great Vyrewall, the brothers were grievously wounded, and so the army decided to set up camp slightly west of Meiyerditch. Not shortly after, the brothers died one by one in the Army camp because of their infected wounds.The army ultimately decided to pull back from Morytania, realizing that they could never rise to the challenge without the prowess of their former leaders, but they pledged to honor their martyred heroes as a final task before retreating as a manifestation of the courage and determination of the brothers.

In order to honor the fallen brothers, the army invested a total of six days and nights fighting off the invading vampyres to make burial mounds, called the Barrows.

As the army started making their way back, the stranger began to walk gradually towards the brothers, now deceased and entombed in their barrows. Arms stretched out on top of the central mound, the stranger started chanting his old magic in some foul ancient language. In front of him a vulgar purple light formed, fell to the earth and started to bleed into each of the barrows that held the brothers.

Not many of the initial soldiers made it back to their journey home and perished on their way, but stories were heard of how an unusual illumination could be seen every night on the horizon where the brothers had already been buried. Till this day, stories are recalled of those earth mounds, and the sounds and sounds that were experienced nearby.

A deteriorating tome, retrieved by exploring the hut near the mounds or by either talking to the Strange Old Man found digging the crypts, gives a detailed description of how the brothers had come to be buried.

Barrows Teleport OSRS

There are a number of different strategies for players to travel to Barrows. Ordered from quick to slow, the best options are:

  • In the Arceuus spellbook, casting Barrows Teleport requiring 83 Magic and at minimum a 60 percent Arceuus favor, or making use of a Barrows teleport tablet will ensure that the player is teleported right beside the entrance.
  • Making use of the Morytania legs 3 or 4 to Burgh de Rott and going north towards Barrows through Mort’ton. 
  • Use the scroll of the Mort’ton teleport, and then run east towards Barrows.
  • To teleport to Shades of Mort’ton using Minigame Group Finder. Finishing the Shades of Mort’ton Quest. This specific technique is free and does not take up any spaces for inventory or equipment although there is a cooldown of 20 minutes between uses.
  • Kharyrll Teleport (necessitates Quest Desert Treasure to be completed) to Canifis, use the Myreque Hideout shortcut to the pub’s south and go south to cross the rope bridge. Keep running south until you reach Swamp Boaty, and after that use the option to travel to Mort’ton. From here onward run towards east.
  • The player needs to use the fairy ring code ‘bkr’ and travel southeast until you hit Swamp Boat, and use the option to travel to make way to Mort’ton. From here onward, run eastwards.
  • Players can make use of the fairy ring code bip at an agility of 50. They can then head east, and south, following the path along Mort’ton.

OSRS Barrows Setup and Gear

  • In order to use Ava’s device, completion of the Animal Magnetism quest is important.
  • For the player to gain access to fairy rings, partial completion of the Fairy Tale II quest is necessary.
  • To acquire the shortcut to Myreque Hideout from Canifis to The Hollows, the player must complete ‘In Search of the Myreque’ quest.
  • For the player to acquire access to the Shades of Mort’ton minigame teleport, they must complete the Shades of Mort’ton quest.
  • To unlock access to the bank located in Burgh de Rott, the player has to finish the In Aid of the Myreque quest.
  • For the player to gain access to OSRS Iban’s staff if they do not have access to the trident of the seas or trident of the swamp, they must complete the Underground Pass quest.
  • If the player is looking for a way to get access to the ability to build Fire of Dehumidification in the Fire pit situated in the swamp in order to negate the ghasts’s effect, they must complete the quest of ‘Making Friends with My Arm.
  • To achieve unlimited numbers of teleports to the Burgh de Rott and the chance to get 50 percent more runes in exchange of each chest the player opens at Barrows, they must complete the quest of ‘Achievement Diaries Morytania Hard Diary’.


You must complete the Priest in Perils quest in order to gain entry to Morytania. 

In order to gain entry to the Morytania swamp and then to  further be able to move forward to the Barrow, the player must partially complete the Nature Spirit quest. (This is not required if the player is making use of the barrows teleport tablets.)

Exploring the Barrows

The Barrows are basically the graveyards of the six Barrows brothers and apart from that they are also the combat discipline of each brother.


Players will have to face off the Barrows brothers in this minigame in order to acquire precious treasures and valuables. Read through this guide for a quick little insight on ways to complete this challenge and take on the Barrows brothers successfully. For further details and more strategic tips and tricks, go through the sections further below.

Gaining entry into the crypts

The ground portion that lies above the Barrows is where the six burial mounds reside further inside a fence made out of stone. With the help of a spade, digging on top of these mounds will make the player land inside a crypt that belongs to one of the six brothers.

  • Situated in the center lies Ahrim’s mound 
  • Situated southeast lies Guthan’s mound 
  • Situated northeast lies Dharok’s mound 
  • Situated southwest lies Torag’s mound 
  • Situated south lies Karil’s mound
  • Situated northwest lies Verac’s mound

How to kill the Barrows brothers?

Looking at the sarcophagi inside the crypts would spawn the wights of one of the Barrows brothers. Destroy these NPCs to become an eligible player to look for the Barrows equipment kept in the rewards chest. To exit the crypts use the staircases..

As the player is underground anywhere within the area of the Barrows, the faces of the Barrow brothers will keep appearing on screen occasionally which in turn will drain quite a hefty number of prayer points for every 18 seconds that go by. Beginning at a minimum of 8 prayer points is when the amount of prayers starts, and it increases by one for every Barrow brother the player is able to kill and upon successfully killing all six of the brothers you will be able to acquire a maximum of fourteen prayer points. You should take multiple steps to minimize the time you lose underground and to speed up your kills in order to save up on your prayer potions and in turn being able to maximize the profits that you acquire.

In addition to a protection prayer the player should always pray one of the stat-boosting combat prayers as well (for example the Mystic Might). The main gist behind this specific action is that the use of the prayers themselves will not drain as much as the area effect will, and in turn making use of the stat-boosting prayer will enhance the speed of your ability to kill. There are many other advantages of protection prayers as well such as being able to damage your opponent without the player needing to spend time consuming food; doing this will reduce your area drain prayer furthermore. Try to eat your food and drink your prayer potions while you are above the ground.

In order to negate all the damage that is done from these NPC’s, players should utilize the protection prayers. However do keep in mind that Verac can make hits through the protection prayers which renders it useless around him. 

  • Protect from Magic against Ahrim
  • Protect from Melee against Dharok, Guthan, Torag and Verac.
  • Protect from Missiles against Karil.

How to navigate the tunnels?

One can do this by scouring the sarcophagus inside one of the crypts opens to a path under the crypts to the Barrows tunnels, which holds the chest rewards of Barrows. Each time, the crypt that gives access to these tunnels is selected at random.

By making your way through the doors the player can manage to navigate these tunnels. Do bear in mind, not every single door present inside can be opened in these tunnels, so players must try to navigate their way through the doors leading to the chest of rewards that is situated in the middle of the room.

On opening any one of the doors in these tunnels, the player will be spawned and assaulted by a skeleton, crypt rats, bloodworm or a Barrows brother that is yet to be killed.

How to gather rewards potential?

The possibility to obtain bits of armor or weapons of Barrows is based on the number of brothers killed before opening the chest by the player. The amount and nature of other rewards, comprised mainly of runes, is decided by the potential of rewards of the player. Typically, a greater payout rate would compensate the player with more difficult races with the help of higher quantities of reward potential.

By killing the monsters and the Barrows brothers inside the crypts, players will gain reward potential. The collected reward potential is proportional to the combat level of the slain monster, restricted for a total of 1,000 and cannot exceed that. The player can receive an extra 2 points on their reward potential for every Barrows brother who was slain, capping the overall reward potential around 1,012.

How to enter the rewards chest’s room?

OSRS Barrows Puzzle

The door leading up to the central room will be secured with a puzzle that has a basic pattern, which can be either one of four categories and will have to be solved for the player to get in.  Consider the fact that the shown answers here are offered at all times but may not be in the same order every time.

If a player gets the puzzle incorrect, the tunnel doors and rooms will move about, which will result in the escape ladder ending up in another room and the doors that can be unlocked will be in an arrangement that is different. This will make things a little difficult and the player must continue to explore the tunnels before they find the door this leads to the central room once again.

How to open the rewards chest in barrows minigame?

The brother, whose crypt the player has managed to enter, will emerge after opening the chest and start to attack the player if he has not already appeared when going via the tunnels. Killing the Barrows brother is not needed in order to loot the chest. Keep in mind, though, that the opportunity to get Barrows equipment from the chest rises as more of the brothers are killed and players are unable to collect equipment belonging to brothers they have not yet been able to kill.

When the chest has been unlocked, click on it again to raid it.  An interface will show up displaying the rewards that will go into the inventory of the player (or, if the inventory is complete, dropped on the ground) once the window has closed.The minigame is complete at this stage, and the player may exit the tunnels or teleport to restart.

The tunnels will shake and continue to grind to a halt once the chest has been looted, creating intermittent harm to the player, and the door and room configurations may change, indicating that the room you reach is not quite the same as the room that now holds the ladder you must use in order to be able to escape. Furthermore, when you try to escape the tunnels after the chest has been looted, any door that the player unlocks is likely to unleash one of the brothers you were not able to kill on that specific run.

After the chest is raided and once the player leaves the tunnels, the Barrows would then be reset: brothers will be in their crypts again, and the location of the tunnels situated within the crypts and their door structure will be re-randomised. The player has the option to then make way to the bank to heal, or go to the crypts for another effort to get right back in. Keep in mind that if you leave the area or log out before you loot the chest, the progress you have made will be saved.

Barrows Tips and Tricks


Karil, Dharok, Ahrim and Verac have high degree of precision bonuses and total hits. On the other side, Torag and Guthan often do fewer harm against players that have high levels of defense. If you can not kill each brother successfully before you have run out of prayers, it might be worth saving Torag and Guthan until the last moment and just tank their hits if your level of defense is good enough, in order to save up on prayer restore potions.

Consider killing Verac before Ahrim when using a toxic blowpipe on Ahrim, and then recover any hit points using the special attack from the blowpipe, as Verac has the ability to hit through the player’s protection prayers.


The availability of safe spots in the tunnels is limited, but any melee brother can be safespotted easily if it is known by the player how to manipulate them.

  • One can shoot through the ladder and the squares of the ladder. The player will only find the ladder in the room you entered in; nevertheless, it is still possible to use the square that holds the other potential ladder positions as a safe spot. This can contribute to some potentially amusing and also quite valuable moments for safe spotting where the brothers seem to be frozen.
  • The Barrows brothers, just like all NPCs, will try to move towards the player in a straight line, but they will first move west or east before heading north or south, setting up chances to lure them behind an obstacle It opens up other openings under pieces of rubble that can be shot through, to safespot melee members.
  • Debris that looks like bricks (which collapsed from the walls) on the floor can not be shot through, nor can the the chest itself or the standing torches in the chest room be shot through. Because they are the same objects (simply recoloured) as the stacks of bricks in the individual crypts of the brothers, they can not be shot into.
  • Almost any obstacles that can not be walked through on the floor can be shot through, including rocks, boulders, skeletons and the ladder, even in rooms other than the one where you fell when it is inaccessible to you.
  • A melee brother can find a safe spot only if you enter from the northwest room into the northern corridor out of all the long corridors present. The closest safe spot is too far away over here and will end up causing the brother to vanish. It is possible to use practically all other long corridors and the four’ corner’ rooms.
  • When it comes to other players NPC’s, the Barrows brothers will not get stuck

OSRS Trident of the Swamp

Kiting is a technique used for safe spotting the melee brothers with their sarcophagus in the room. This strategy can be used to destroy the Melee brothers without using food or protection prayers for defense. This strategy is particularly useful for Ironmen at a low to med stage, who would otherwise take up a lot of resources. The player must have its run switched off in order to kite properly. That’s because the player moves two tiles a tick. Torag and Verac are the only brothers on the north, east, west, and south sides of the sarcophagus where kiting is possible. This process can only be achieved with the help of a magic spell, so the sea trident isn’t really going to work. For this approach it is advised to use Slayer dart, Iban’s Blast or Fire bolt with Tome of Fire and Chaos gauntlets. Because the player will need to run a ton, we highly recommend stamina potions and/or the entire Graceful outfit to provide them with energy.

Barrows Strategies

  • First of all, the player has to spawn the melee brother. At this stage, running can be switched on. The player must sprint on either the north or south side of the sarcophagus for any melee brother except Verac and Torag to obstruct the brother on the other side.
  • The player must use the magic spell on the brother once the run option is switched off. The use of autocast is not going to work. The player must use the control key to run as soon as the experience drop appears, and bait the brother around the other side of the sarcophagus. In order to turn on the run option of the player on for the length of the movement, hold the control key before clicking to move. Only in this context can this approach actually work.
  • Until clicking on the other side, the player will first have to run the length of the sarcophagus on the south side or the north side, or else the player will go straight through the melee brother. With Verac or Torag this is not the case since the eastern and western sides would work to obstruct them.
  • It is possible to use all four sides of the sarcophagus for Verac and Torag, to effectively kite, as mentioned, the only on the north and south side are other melee brothers safe spottable. Because of their mechanics at pathing.
  • It’s advised not to kite Dharok, as one wrong move will result in one hit. It is suggested that the player kill Dharok first before killing any brother, so that upon arriving to the Barrows, they may use the prayer they already have.
  • This can be used with lots practice and its proper performance to avoid any damage from the melee brothers, apart from their initial hit while spawning the brother out of his sarcophagus.

Some magic spells (Ice Barrage, Ice Blitz, or Entangle) may bind an NPC to its map square for a prolonged period. Those spells might be utilized by binding them in order to safespot melee brothers so they are not able to reach you.

  • Entangle/Ice Blitz grants a maximum of 5 attacks before Verac is able to move again.
  • Snare allows grants a maximum of 3 attacks before Verac is able to move again.
  • Ice Barrage grants a maximum of 6 attacks before Verac is able to move again.

Barrows Rewards Potential

First things first, make sure that all six brothers are killed since the amount of loot rolls increases and so does the probability of Barrows equipment for each killed brother.

The completion of the OSRS Achievement Diaries Morytania Hard Diary would increase the number of runes awarded by 50 percent of each chest that the player has opened at Barrows.

-By capping the Reward Potential around 880 points (depicted as 86.8% in the game) shall increase the sum of runes awarded while excluding the likelihood of earning dragon med helms, bolt racks and half keys. That will raise the rewards average value. The player can achieve this by killing:

  • 6 of the brothers, 2 skeletons and 1 bloodworm  (a total of 874 points).
  • 6 of the  brothers and 4 bloodworms (a total of 876 points).
  • 6 of the brothers, 1 crypt spider and 3 bloodworms (a total of 880 points).


Bones to Peaches tablets are an option to recover extra hit points while struggling with having enough food during the journeys. Only fill bones in empty spaces while collecting kill count, and convert as required. The black salamander could be used as a cheap hybrid weapon to kill the brothers, which offers a better, though less effective, alternative to the blowpipe and the trident.

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