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Beginners Guide for Seasonal Deadman Mode

Beginners Guide for Seasonal Deadman Mode

How to begin your game in Deadman Mode?

Optimal way to start out in Seasonal Deadman Mode. This guide is for the very early game, so from start to completion it should take no more than a couple hours. I think these methods will be useful to nearly all players, as they apply to almost all account types and give you an immediate advantage. The advantage might seem slight, but being even a little ahead of other players will keep you from getting attacked constantly, and allow you to progress even further. Without further adieu, here’s the guide, step by step:

Follow these steps to excel in deadman mode:

  1. Spawn in Lumbridge. Skipping tutorial island is optional.
  2. Pickpocket men for 5 thieving, keep any coins you get.
  3. Kill men or goblins until you have about 15 hp, looting drops. Do not attack other players; you won’t get kills and there’s almost no loot.
  4. Go through the Al-Kharid gate and buy a full inventory of kebabs from the kebab seller.
  5. Walk North to Varrock. Once you get there, train to 8 attack on dummies if you haven’t reached that level already.
  6. Purchase 6 water, earth, and air runes from the rune shop. Sell any of your starter items/goblin loot if you’re short on cash.
  7. If you’re low on food, you can also steal some tea from the tea stall.
  8. Walk to Catherby, and be sure to eat if the wolves attack you. They won’t be able to 1-hit you, so you should be fine.
  9. Purchase a rope from the shopkeeper by the dock, or more in case you die and lose one.
  10. Walk to Ardougne, and once you get there steal a full inventory of cakes from the cake stall.
  11. At this point, you should be fully equipped to complete the Waterfall Quest. Because you pre-trained some hp levels, the moss giants won’t be able to 1-hit you. If you think your hp level isn’t high enough yet, you can quickly train up on gnomes South of Ardougne.
  12. Complete the Waterfall Quest. I recommend this guide: . It’s easy to do for an account of any level, and requires no stats.
  13. Waterfall will leave you with at least 30 attack and strength, along with a few thousand coins worth of loot if you sell your rewards to the general store. At this point you will be higher combat than the majority of other players, and it’s unlikely that anyone will mess with you for a while.

Here our paths may diverge, and you may choose to not train your melee stats any further. You might make a range or mage-based account, or a skiller. Regardless of your plans for Seasonal Deadman Mode, a quick start like this will help you achieve your goals. I hope this guide helped, and good luck!


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