Home News Jagex Closed Down Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold Runescape Gold Sites

Jagex Closed Down Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold Runescape Gold Sites

Jagex Closed Down Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold Runescape Gold Sites
Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold

The tycoons of Runescape gold selling has been closed down by Jagex recently. This included Arcus Gold and Bogla Gold. Both of them were displaying the error message “The site is unavailable”. Moreover, their social media pages were also shut down.

What happened to Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold?

All of this happened all of a sudden and the players kept wondering for days what could be the reason of the closure. The site owner’s updated that they will be back shortly

Bogla Gold revealing the news of the shut down – No reason was stated.

Its been months but the exact reason of the shut down is still not revealed. Even Jagex staff has not declared anything.

Mod Beno on reddit about the closure of Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold.

Where to buy OSRS Gold after Bogla/Arcus?

These sites had hundreds of regular Runescape Gold buyers on daily basis and all of them are left in the wild without any support or date of re-opening. Don’t worry, we at RSComparison have everything what you need. You can browse through our list of trusted OSRS and RS3 gold selling sites to cope up with your gp needs. The list comprises of top gold selling websites and vendors. You can find it on our Buy OSRS Gold page.

Arcus Gold & Bogla Gold

Arcus gold was one of the largest RS Gold selling website with thousands of customers monthly. They were providing other RS services apart from buying and selling GP too. Same was the case with Bogla Gold, in the last few months, both the sites were merged and used same livechat support for all their customers – which means the orders were being delivered by the same team regardless of the website it was ordered on.

Jagex was able to legally shut down these sites so there is a minor chance any of them will return with the same name. There might be a return but with a new identity of course. There have been similar cases in the past where Jagex brought similar companies to court against copyright infringement e.g Gold4RS, Gold4fun, iBot (famous bot for RS). etc. Jagex won the case easily and the companies were forced to shut down.

This might be the most anticipated news about the RS players this year. Unfortunately, the Runescape community lost two of the biggest gold selling websites.


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