Buy OSRS Gold

Majority of players rely on buying OSRS 07 Gold to enjoy the game. You only get life once, therefore you should not be spending time gathering in-game gold for a certain item or a skill, better to buy it with real cash and enjoy the game to the fullest. Games are meant to be enjoyed and not to be grinded all day with no life and still end up struggling. Buy OSRS gold has been made super easy with our new listing which has all major gold sellers and their price. 

How to choose the best OSRS Gold Seller?

The listing on this page will show you the complete list of trusted runescape gold sellers. The listing will also include the features and benefits you will get by choosing a certain rs gold selling website. For example, payment options, coupons, feedbacks, reviews, discount coupons and current selling price for OSRS Gold. 

Oldschool Runescape

Runescape Oldschool was launched in 2013 and since that it has been more popular among the veteren Runescape players compared to the RS3 or also known as EoC. 

The players preferred the real RS like it was back in 2007. EoC ruined the PKing experience and the advanced graphics did not gave the feel of Runescape, it looks like some very advanced game.

OSRS Gold Worth

The very first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about OSRS Gold is its worth, how much is exactly OSRS Gold worth? The price depends on the demand and supply. The more sellers looking to sell to merchants, the lower the price will go. The less sellers are available, the higher the price will go. As of now, OSRS gold is worth around 60 cents (USD) per million. This price is not fixed and every gp selling website will have their own price and fees. Check the listing above to get the latest up to date OSRS price of different reputable sellers and suppliers.

Best Place to buy Cheap OSRS Gold

Are you running short on cash while standing at the grand exchange and unable to put in an offer for your desired item in the GE? All your friends have insane amount of gold in game in a matter of few days? The answer is, they most probably bought gold and you should too. This will save you time and energy in grinding. Get your osrs gold from one of trusted sellers to make your life easier. 

Trusted Runescape 2007scape Gold Selling Websites

Before you buy anything online, make sure you do your research properly. Not everyone should be trusted. Some things are too good to be true. A website that looks super cool might not be trusted and end up scamming your hard earned money. team and staff will only list the websites that have a certain amount of vouches and are reputable to make sure our readers get safe rs gold buying experience. 

How to Buy OSRS Gold?

When you are on the hunt to find the fastest and cheapest OSRS gold seller, you might end up finding multiple websites and sellers that offer almost the same price but you can not decide who to proceed with. First of all, be very sure to check what type of reviews does that specific seller has online. After that, contact them and ask them how the process will go. 

According to the norm, buying oldschool runescape gold will proceed in the following manner but may vary depending on where you are buying from

  1. Select the amount and payment method on the website.
  2. Proceed to checkout and make the payment.
  3. Contact the livechat with your order details (mostly you will get an order ID).
  4. Complete any required verification from the seller.
  5. Meet in-game on agreed location and get your gold traded to you. 
*This is just an example, make sure you ask your seller how the trade will proceed before buying.

Buy OSRS Gold Safe

Safety is one of the most important thing while making any transaction especially when you are going to buy osrs gold. The buyer should fully ensure that the seller he is using is trusted and that he can trust them with their payment details. Go through the privacy policy of the merchant before proceeding to any transaction. Apart from that, Some sellers might ask for Government Issued ID for verification purposes of PayPal. This is done by the merchants to prevent chargebacks while selling rs gold. Only send your IDs to someone you will trust. It could be misused easily. Be safe always.

Better safe than sorry.

One of the safest method of buying gold is through cryptocurrency. This includes Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin and other crypto currencies that are accepted by the merchant. What is the benefit of buying osrs gold with bitcoin? This will not reveal your identity, unlike PayPal, the merchant will not be able to get any of your personal details, bitcoin transactions are fully annonymous.