Fossil Island in Oldschool Runescape

A member-only site, the Fossil Island is situated north-east of Morytania, introducing a unique environment where players can acquire a variety of skills. It is a historic, uncharted island that the Varrock Museum is currently exploring. Seven additional smaller islands circle the island itself, although the archipelago map of Skeka in the House on the Hill’s basement reveals thirteen additional islands surrounding Fossil Island. Lithkren, during and after the hunt for the Dragon Slayer II, is the only other island among the archipelago that the player can actually reach.

Players must have completed the Bone Voyage quest in order to reach the island, that requires a minimum of about 100 kudos(osrs kudos guide).The easiest and fastest way to travel to Fossil Island is by using a digsite pendant to teleport the person near the vicinity of the Digsite barge, whereby they can enter the barge by talking to the barge guard, then afterwards the lead navigator, and eventually the junior navigator.

How to get to Fossil Island?

Every other player in the game is searching for methods to get to the most anticipated location of OSRS, fossil island. The most convenient and used methods is to use the digsite pendant can also be used inside the House on the Hill, north side of the Museum Camp on the strangest southern machine which will activate an option on the pendant and enable the player to teleport to the House. There is also a Magic Mush tree inside this house which activates the Mycelium Transportation System. This Magic Mush trees system allows player transportation across Fossil Island, but they need to be discovered in order to access them by first heading to their locations and trying to use them.

If you do not have a digsite pendant with you, using the Glider transportation system along with the Spirit Tree transportation system is another quick and easy way to get to fossil island. In order to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, use the spirit tree in the Grand Exchange from Varrock. Climb up the tree from there and then use the Glider to ‘ Lemanto Andra, ‘ depicted on the popup map as a castle. Doing so will bring you in really close proximity to the digsite and the boat that will take you to the island of Fossil. Instead, use a Ring of dueling to teleport to the Duel Arena and then apply the gnome glider to the west of Al Kharid’s gem trader.

What to do on the fossil island?

Museum Camp

The player will be just west of the Museum Camp upon arriving on the Fossil Island. The camp will not be very useful at first however players can make use of their Construction skill and other certain materials in order to establish improvements inside the camp.It takes a hammer to build the utilities. You should buy one from the general store if you have forgotten to bring the hammer with you.

Following are a set of things that the player will require to build everything: A total of 10 oak planks, 25 nails, 1 tinderbox, 2 iron bars, 2 logs, 1 bucket, 2 ropes, 3 soft clay and 5 planks. The complete list of things that the player needs to build can be found on the Osrs wiki. Players may use Fossil Storage to hold any fossils that may be discovered while they are on the island. There are also extra storage containers dispersed all around the island as well and another is in the basement of the Varrock Museum.

Mushroom Forest

The island’s northwest section is known as the Mushroom Forest. There are different activities here which enable players to train a wide range of skills.  Ancient Zygomites can be slayed by the player as a portion of the Zygomite slayer assignment, keep track of herbiboars present in the Forest, plant mahogany and teak trees in the south-east corner of the three tree patches and then calcify fossils with the help of the mycelium pool.

OSRS Fossil Island Wyverns

Additionally, under a trapdoor in the Mushroom Mountains is where the Wyvern Cave can be found . Only if players have been allocated to Fossil Island Wyverns as a slayer task can the Wyverns within be slain.

Tar Swamp

The island’s south-west portion has a large swamp. In addition to an axis to chop down dense vines, traveling through the marsh needs a rake to remove vines. Throughout the forest, sulliuscep mushrooms can be collected, however only one can be chopped down, forcing users to navigate the dangerous swamp while avoiding violent Tar monsters to finally locate the choppable sulliuscep.

The Deranged archeologist, who fights quite similarly to the Crazy archeologist residing in the ruins of the Wilderness, can be found by the players in the southern end of the swamp. He’s much more aggressive, however, because his special attack can reach more than 70.


The volcano can indeed be located on the island’s south-east side. You can find a lot of ash piles here, together with the Volcanic Mine.


Under the waters of Fossil Island there is a wide underwater zone that can be reached through the use of the rowboat at the north-eastern corner of the Mushroom Forest – making journey by rowboat to the sea takes the player to a tiny island that has a bank chest where they can then either travel back or right click on the rowboat to reach the underwater zone.

A small bar showing the oxygen level of the player will appear at the top left of the game screen as they enter the area, unlike other underwater areas throughout the game The bar will be draining constantly whilst the player is still underwater – players should sink and reappear on the surface if it runs out. When catching pufferfish, you can fill up your oxygen and boost it by consuming the pufferfish. Nonetheless, if the player is equipped with a fishbowl helmet and diving gear, the oxygen level will remain at 100%. Once submerged, the helmet and apparatus can be removed safely and equipped again, and if your oxygen level has reached below 100 percent, it will fill up gradually once both items have been re-equipped.

House on the Hill

Situated on the island’s north-east side, you will travel to the House on the Hill by ascending a hill on the Mushroom Forest’s southern end. There are several strange devices within the House on the Hill, one of which can enchant a digsite pendant to enable players to teleport straight to the House. Additionally, one of the four Magic Mushtrees available on the island can be discovered here, providing immediate access to several other parts of the island via teleportation through the digsite pendant here, then utilizing the magic mushtree to travel.

There are many stone chests with a search option in the House’s basement which is accessible through a trapdoor in the south-east corner. Looking through the stone chest will require a numulite. The chest will give the search option to insert 100 numulites into the hole after the numulite has been inserted. The chests have a possibility to do nothing, do damage or give one of the different notes. You may add the notes to the Fossil Island note book of the player. A stack of books can be searched which is behind the ladder, to get an ancient diary.

Mini Task List

Right outside the Museum Camp’s Fossil Island General Store is a notice board that lists down the stuff to do on Fossil Island. These are basic mini-tasks designed to introduce the player to the island’s different contents. The list is divided into four parts: the Museum Camp, the Southern Swamps, the Northern Reaches and the Mountainous East.

Players who finished a part of the list may speak to Peter for a reward, who can be seen panning south-west of the notice board. Players will obtain 10 unidentified tiny fossils (5 per section)  if they complete the Museum Camp and Northern Reaches list and add 10 unidentified medium fossils (5 per section) to the Southern Swamps and Mountainous East list.

Museum Camp

Upon the completion of its set of task list, players can receive 5 unidentified small fossils through speaking to Peter.

Northern Reaches

Upon the completion of its set of task list, players can receive 5 unidentified small fossils through speaking to Peter.

Southern Swamps

Upon the completion of its set of task list, players can receive 5 unidentified medium fossils through speaking to Peter.

Mountainous East

Upon the completion of its set of task list, players can receive 5 unidentified medium fossils through speaking to Peter.



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