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How to make quick money in Seasonal Deadman?

How to make quick money in Seasonal Deadman?

Early Money Making Guide for Deadman DMM Mode

If you played the old version of Deadman Mode, you probably already know just how fast the game progresses. One minute everyone’s walking around in full iron armor, and the next minute people have dragon scimitars and black dragonhides. Most Deadman Mode players have been playing Runescape for a while, so they tend to know the best training methods to get a quick lead. Couple that with 5x experience rates and a willingness for players to no-life the game, and it isn’t hard to see why things change so far. There’s nothing worse than being left behind, and being 20 combat levels behind everyone else just a few days into the game. A major part of progressing in Seasonal Deadman Mode is being able to collect a modest amount of money to purchase basic armor and supplies. This guide will go over several easy methods, with low requirements, to help you collect your first DMM cash stack and get the proverbial ball rolling.

How to make money in Seasonal Deadman Mode Oldschool?


There are 2 silk stalls in Ardougne, and you need 20 thieving to steal from them. This level should take you only a few minutes to achieve, after which point your thieving success rate isn’t determined by your level. There is a convenient cake stall nearby, so you can easily restock in food if you’ve been attacked by guards. During the first week or so of Seasonal Deadman Mode, the silk stall will be so crowded that guards will rarely be able to attack you. The nice thing about silk is that you can sell it to the silk merchant for a flat rate in gold, so profitability isn’t dependent on market prices. Each silk sells for 60 gp each to the NPC, but you need to wait for 30 minutes after stealing or he will refuse to accept it. A full inventory is very quick to obtain, and sells for a total of 1680 gp, a nice money making method for osrs in the early days of Seasonal Deadman Mode.

Steel platebodies

To take advantage of this method, you’ll want to have around 20 defense and 20 hp, along with some decent food like cakes. You’ll also need a knife or a sword to cut through webs, as we’ll be traveling deep into the wilderness. The journey starts in Ardougne, where you should fill up on cakes and then take the lever to the wilderness. After this, walk South through the gate and then go south of the lava maze. If you get lost, take a look at your minimap. We’re looking for an entrance at the south-west part of the lava maze, where you’ll see some black knights and some webs to cut. Once you’ve found it, proceed through the maze until you start seeing steel platebody spawns. Loot as many of these as you like, worldhopping as needed. Be sure to leave some food in your inventory for the trip back. Once you’re done, go back to the lever to Ardougne. To cash out, you’ll be selling these platebodies to the general store. You can sell them all at once, or slowly on different worlds to get a better price.

Chaos druids

I recommend starting stats of 30 attack, 30 strength, and 30 defense. You’ll want some armor (at least as good as steel), a mithril scimitar or adamant longsword, and 49 thieving. You’ll also need food, and cakes will be sufficient for this method. If you can’t afford the gear, you can make some quick cash by stealing silk in Ardougne. You’ll need 49 thieving to access a semi-private chaos druid spot, as the spots with low requirements will be crowded and far from a bank. We’ll be heading to the chaos druid tower North of Ardougne. It’s a small building which requires you to picklock a door to enter, and you’ll see 4 chaos druids that spawn there. Chaos druids are extremely easy to fight, even at such a low level, and provide excellent early game experience. You’ll want to pick up all medium and high-level herbs, and bank them when you have a full inventory. A few days into Seasonal Deadman Mode, players will be scrambling to get prayer and other potions, and you’ll be able to sell your herbs for a very good price.

I hope this guide helped you in your journey through the early game of Seasonal Deadman Mode. Having some starting cash is essential to staying competitive and achieving your long-term goals. Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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