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How to Swap Runescape Gold Safely?

How to Swap Runescape Gold Safely?
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Let’s imagine that for whatever reason, you are double minded in choosing the best swapper for your gold. Maybe you’d rather swap with a friend, or someone’s offering an unbeatable rate, or your favorite swapper is offline at the moment. we want you to do your trades safely. After all, if anyone scams a swap, it reflects on the swapping community as a whole. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few tips to greatly reduce the chance of scams occurring. We hope that you’ll use them, and that people’s perception of swapping will also be improved as a result.

Swap your RSGP Safely with our pro tips

Here are our anti-scam tips to follow during your exchange:

  1. Video record every swap, and tell the person you’re recording before you do the trade. If you don’t tell them, you might still be able to get them banned in the event of a scam. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your gold back. By informing the swapper first, you give them something to think about and a reason not to try anything shady.
  2. Tell the swapper you have a lot more gold to swap after the current trade. For example, if you’re swapping 100M 07 gp, tell them you have another 300M 07 to transfer on another account afterwards. If it’s believable, a scammer might be motivated to do the first trade legitimately in order to get a potentially larger prize later on. Of course, once you’ve done the amount you wanted to swap, you just leave and go on your merry way.
  3. Do your trades in increments, which means to split them up into multiple smaller parts to reduce your risk if a scam occurs. For example, if you’re swapping 200M RS3 gp, break it up into 4 trades of 50M each. It’ll only take a few minutes to do, and you should be wary of any swapper who refuses. No one is that busy that they can’t take 5 minutes to do a trade safely. The result is if you do get scammed, you only lose 50M rather than 200M. Further, it reduces your chances of getting scammed at all, as many scammers won’t bother below a certain amount.
  4. Do your swaps not only in increments, but in declining increments. This means that you break your trade down into multiple parts, while also decreasing the amount for every trade. Sometimes even if you swap in regular increments, the scamming swapper might run off before paying out the last trade. Here’s how declining increments works: You’re swapping 80M 07 gp to RS3. You do the first trade of 20M, and it goes smoothly. The scammer is waiting to steal the last trade; that way he gets to scam something, but also profits from the preceding swaps that he didn’t scam. The trick is to do only 15M for your next trade, followed by 12M and then 10M and so forth until you’re done with the entire 80M. Since the value of each trade decreases, the value of any potential scam ends up being lower than amounts which were already paid out legitimately. It would begin to feel quite stupid to scam 8M for example, when the scamming swapper already paid out a 20M trade legitimately. This method creates cognitive dissonance for the scammer, who would find it difficult to justify a small scam after all that. It’s a very effective tactic, so long as you don’t tell the swapper that you plan to do this. If you can get past the first trade, it’s already too late for them.
  5. Ask the swapper to show their gold before doing the trade. This is a very simple thing to do, and you’d expect any scammer with half a brain to be prepared for it. It works a shocking amount of the time, however. If you ask to see proof that the swapper has enough gold to do the trade, and he makes all sorts of excuses (It’s on my other account, my friend has it, I don’t have time for this, etc) then he’s most likely a broke deadbeat scammer.

Stay safe during your swap

Hopefully these tips will help you swap your rsgp safely in the future. Looking back at Runescape history, a lot of scams could have been prevented by using common sense and taking a few easy steps to reduce risk. It’s a shame that scamming swappers continue to damage the reputation of swapping as a whole, but maybe with your vigilance we will be able to get rid of them once and for all.


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