OSRS Magic Training Guide

Efficient methods of training Magic are usually tedious and require the use of clicking repeatedly. Nonetheless, most users consider this method worth the time and money expenditure in achieving the required levels for teleports, combat spells, high-level jewelry enchantments and enhanced magic defenses. Magic is fairly easy to learn, the only downside is that it can be costly and time consuming. The post would include popular preferences and efficient strategies.


Level 1 to 19 – (Combat)

The basic elemental spells should be cast on monsters like cows, goblins as well as other weak creatures. You should also go to the Edgeville Monastery to train the monks because they heal themselves and do minimal damage.

Conversely, splashing Confuse or Weaken (-65 of a magic bonus or less) may be a successful alternative. It helps the spell to be repetitively cast without needing to wait for the draining effect inflicted to wear off on the opponent, but it can not be autocast. The Monk of Zamorak behind the stairs of Varrock Castle is one of the suggested targets for this strategy.

For a cumulative reward of 1,200 Magic experience, players can complete the quests of Imp Catcher and Witch’s Potion. It helps players to easily hit level 10 of Magic without wasting coins on runes.

The usage of Fire Strike on monsters is an easy and inexpensive method of training. Since fire or air staff can autocast spells and reduce some of the rune costs, make sure to equip them.

Instead, the player should easily choose the best bolt spell that is available if wealth is not an issue.

Some good training choices are:

  • Chaos druids and Flesh Crawlers that typically drop herbs.
  • Hill Giants, which drop limpwurt root and big bones, and can also be safe spotted easily. 
  •  Wizards’ Tower’s lesser demon that drops runes as well as other valuables. Note: To collect these drops Telekinetic Grab is required, meaning that it only collects items worth more than the Law Run needed to collect drops.

Level 19 to 43 – (Splashing Curse)

You may repeatedly splash Curse to obtain experience in magic beginning at level 19. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that this method can not be autocast. Worth noting: When Curse falls on an opponent, it can not be recast on the opponent before the effects are vanquished. As the spell never landed on the opponent first, this timer can be bypassed by splashing . Required equipment comprises Staff of Earth (or the Mud Battlestaff instead) with armor that offers negative magic bonuses (e.g. Dragonhide with Metal Shoes or an Iron Armor). A magic bonus of -65 or less is highly recommended. Places that are suitable to train with Curse are the skeletons at level 1 Wilderness, the caged Less Demon within the Wizards’ Tower, or the caged Monk of Zamorak in Varrock Palace, however any monster that can be safe spotted with a magic bonus of-65 is suitable. If you are unable to hit the -65 bonus, instead areas where a significant number of enemies can be safe spotted could be used to continue casting constantly, despite the Curse not splashing. The Barbarian Encampment is one of the examples, where the user can stand in the center of the rocks and cast Curse upon several barbarians in the region.

You may carry runes to Fire Strike and set it to autocast in order to avoid killing your target. The use of a Smoke battlestaff is suggested for this specific method. This strategy enables you to train on weak monsters without the need of safe spotting, which also enables you to stay briefly idle while also earning a significant amount of experience, though less magic XP is gained with the money expended on runes.

A total of 29 in Experience is yielded as a result of each cast of Curse; so a cumulative of maximum 34,000 experience every hour is yielded,

Level 43 to 55 – (Superheat Item)

Using the Superheat Item, the player can build bars. Selling the bars could help you to make a little bit of money, break even or take a loss depending on the price of Nature Runs and Bars. This is a reasonable choice if you do wish to practice your Smithing skills. Around  97,000 experience in magic can be gained upon the optimal usage of this tool for xp every hour.To hit level 55, it should take around 2,195 castings of the Superheat Item. Check out the Superheat Bar page for the cost/xp table for every bar type.

Level 45 to 55 – Camelot Teleport

Equip the Staff of Air and carry approximately 1,895 Law Runes, then continuously cast Camelot Teleport. Users will obtain 55.5 experiences per each cast, which will earn them around 80,000 experiences for every hour.

  • 150 for each law rune
  • -2.7 cost for each XP
  • -150 per law rune for each cast
  • -216,216 estimate cost for each hour
  • -284,250 from 45 till 55, or an experience of 105,124 (1895 casts)

Level 70 to 94/99 – (Bursting MM2 Monkeys)

At level 70, the player unlocks the Ice Burst multi-combat spell once they are done finishing the quest of Desert Treasure. You can access the Monkey Madness 2 Caves after completing Monkey Madness, where they can draw maniacal monkeys so that they can all be struck by the same Ice Burst casting. This form of magic training offers the quickest Magic XP from levels between 70-94. This strategy may be very pricey, but offers decent experience levels on both Hit Points and Magic, with hit points gaining about 100,000 experience an hour and the magic at about 250,000 xp an hour.

To players who have not begun MM2 but have 65 Slayer, an outstanding alternative would be bursting dust devils in the Kourend Catacombs, which has equal XP rates.  Just like the maniacal monkey, the Dust Devils must be lured so that they can all be struck by the same spell.

One option is the bandits at the Khardian Desert bandit camp, bringing them together so that they can all be hit. If you are equipped with a Zamorak or Saradomin weapon, such as a god cape, they become aggressive, requiring you to camp a position with 3 free adjacent spaces and AFK bandits as they gather themselves and strike you. Using Blood Burst mitigates any injury you might have, allowing complete training in AFK.

Additionally, those who have a Slayer level that is too low and a fire cape may train on the TzHaar-Ket within Mor Ul Rek’s inner circle.This is a slower process, but it is still considerably faster than most of the others, whilst at the same time allowing the opportunity to make a profit with possible arms drops and  obsidian armor.This reaps about equal XP to training on Monkey Madness I’s skeletal monkeys in the Ape Atoll Dungeon.

Zero time methods

Magic can be trained relatively easily during other tasks from level 55 onwards, which means that the skill is deemed inactive and can be trained in “zero time.” However, passive training methods give slow experience in magic every hour in real time, and players who are interested in actively acquiring magic experience should consider using the following methods:

From level 55+ – (High Level Alchemy)

Casting high level alchemy (frequently referred to as “alching”) on different items when doing certain activities is among the best and quickest ways to train Magic for level 55 onwards. An experience rate of 65 is received by the player for every cast. When standing still, this technique awards a maximum of 78,000 experience every hour, but for the highest productivity it is better to cast high-level alchemy when training certain abilities, such as low-level hunter, Agility testing, during farming runs or on certain Slayer tasks.

This method profits marginally or simply breaks even, however a significant amount of money is needed to purchase the items.It’s efficient to leave offers on the Grand Exchange for lengthy stretches of time to have the products cheaper if the player can manage not the cash needed at the moment. Popular items here include massively generated by other players from monster drops or skilling, like adamant, dragonhide bodies, rune or dragon items, battlestaves, and magic longbows or yew. Buying restrictions and high costs restrict the usefulness of some of them.

If possible, cast high-level alchemy on the items noted. Not only does this encourage you to alch without continually having to bank, but it also reduces the possibility of unintentionally alching your worn equipment if you left-click on an object you were attempting to alch. This also means that there is only one spot in the inventory that you need to tap on. Position the items that have been noted in the third or fourth row,  completely towards the right, to remove the need to move the mouse.

From level 82+ – (Magic Imbue)

The player unlocks Magic Imbue inside the Lunar spellbook on they reach level 82. The advantage of this spell is that it requires an equipped steam battlestaff (or an elemental staff with a tome of fire and water runes) and only one set of astral runes to be cast, and therefore does not disrupt any other actions, like fishing.The limitation to this spell is that it can only be performed once every 21 ticks (12.6 seconds), by itself a very sluggish process, and costs money. For example, a player can cast it when they craft lava runes, training Agility or Fishing.

Players, by casting Magic Imbue, can gain a passive Magic experience of up to 20,000–24,000 per hour, and if using a steam battlestaff, it costs -3.6 per experience (currently).

From level 70/94+ – (Slayer)

Utilizing Ice Burst or Ice Barrage on Greater Nechryael, Smoke Devils and Dust Devils while training Slayer is by far the most effective way to train Magic. Not only is it effective for Slayer, but it’s a really quick way to gain Magic experience and can break even or even make a profit.

99 Magic Profit Training Method – Guaranteed Profit

From level 7–99:

Although it might be advantageous to locate a consistent money maker and then train Magic with quicker yet more costly techniques, it is possible to train magic with no loss, and to do so will carry millions of revenues if it is achieved all the way to 99. There’s really no way to make a profit up to level 7, it’s recommended to do the Imp Catcher search to get the bead money from the Stronghold of Defense for fresh players interested in training Magic as soon as possible.   To make sure you ‘re enchanting with the most profitable item, always check the Jewelry Calculator, and search the page of each spell to see the presently profitable items you ‘re using before purchasing something. Do remember that some of these spells need extra quests or tasks to be used; be confident that you can use a spell before purchasing materials for it, and ensure you know the spell mechanisms before you cast it in order not to lose materials that you’ve purchased and let them go to waste.

LevelsMethod and infoXp per castXp/hourInvestment required per castProfit per cast
7–27Using Lvl-1 Enchant to enchant Sapphire jewellery. Assuming you have all the materials, you can enchant approximately 1,600 items an hour, although selling finished products on the Grand Exchange to buy more runes and rings will bring this number down. Training from 7-27 will take 519 casts and bring a net profit of 74,217, and should take about 20 minutes, not including buying and selling materials.17.528k583143
27–49Using Lvl-2 Enchant to turn Emerald rings into Rings of Dueling. Assuming you have all the materials, you can enchant approximately 1,600 rings an hour, although selling finished products on the Grand Exchange to buy more runes and rings will bring this number down. Training from 27-49 will take 2,126 casts and bring a net profit of 208,348, and should take about 80 minutes, not including buying and selling materials.3759.2k78398
Bonus: 43–49Superheating is a faster way of training, but rarely brings in profit; check the pages of ores and bars, and if the cost of a bar is more than the value of a nature rune and its required ores, it can be superheated for profit. Refer to the calculator provided for more information. Training from 43-49 will take 781 casts and should take about 29 minutes, not including buying and selling materials.5384.8kSee this pageSee this page
49–55Using Lvl-3 Enchant to enchant Ruby or Topaz jewellery. This level is more volatile and can require significantly more investment; keeping with Emerald rings may be preferred, as Lvl-3 Enchant can sometimes result in a loss. Assuming you have all the materials, you can enchant approximately 1,600 rings an hour, although selling finished products on the Grand Exchange to buy more runes and rings will bring this number down. Training from 49-55 will take 1,270 casts and bring a net profit of -107,950 and should take about 48 minutes, not including buying and selling materials.5994.4k3,974-85
55Casting High Level Alchemy. You can cast High level alchemy up to 1,200 times an hour, and there are many tools and calculator available that you can use to ensure the items you alchemise bring you profit. Check the calculator provided, and always test a single item before buying in bulk. From level 55 forward, there’s no single most effective way to train, so pick from below which one works best for you.6578kVarious; see this calculatorVarious; see this calculator
Bonus: 55–99Some players decide to keep doing high level alchemy all the way to level 99. Doing so will take 165 hours, but can bring millions of profit depending on the items chosen. It will take 197,966 casts to reach level 99.6578kVarious; see this calculatorVarious; see this calculator
56Casting Charge Water Orb can bring good profit per hour, but requires running through the Taverley Dungeon. Use a staff of water to save on rune costs. With 80 Agility, about 505 water orbs can be made per hour, down to 450 orbs an hour at 70 agility, or 280 with no agility shortcuts.6633.3k529570
57Using Lvl-4 Enchant to enchant Diamond jewellery. A significant investment tends to be required for Diamond jewellery, making orbs more efficient. Nonetheless, it’s still possible to turn a profit, and with enough cash to invest, one can expect rates of over 100,000 magic experience an hour.67111.3k2,15012
60Casting Charge Earth Orb can bring good profit per hour, but being in the Wilderness brings the risk of being PKed. Use a staff of earth to save on rune costs. About 525 earth orbs can be made per hour.7036.5k529515
63Casting Charge Fire Orb can bring good profit per hour, but requires running through the Taverley Dungeon. Use a staff of fire to save on rune costs. With 80 Agility, about 525 fire orbs can be made per hour, down to 450 at 70 agility, and 280 with no agility shortcuts.7338k529614
66Casting Charge Air Orb can bring good profit per hour, but requires running through the Edgeville Dungeon, through the Wilderness. Use a staff of air to save on rune costs. It’s highly advised to only bring 81 cosmic runes per trip, in the event you get killed by another player.7640k529608
68Using Lvl-5 Enchant to enchant dragonstone jewellery. At this level, players without the gold to invest tens of millions of GP will find enchanting jewellery to be impractical.78124.8k11,906-93
71Hunter kit can bring a decent profit as long as a staff of earth is used. (Note: Requires Dream Mentor to be completed in order to cast Hunter Kit.)7052k306623
76Spin Flax can be used to gain magic and crafting xp. Use an Air staff for the lowest rune cost.7577.6k573-53
77Cast Superglass Make. Use a smoke battlestaff and seaweed for the lowest rune cost. Converts a full inventory; use 13 seaweed and 13 bucket of sand for each cast.7834k1,281679.4
78Cast Tan leather. Use a staff of fire for the lowest rune cost. Tans up to 5 hides per cast.8197.2k14,796394
80Cast String Jewellery. Use a mud battlestaff for the lowest rune cost.83150k4,529-139
86Cast Plank Make. Use a staff of earth for the lowest rune cost.90166.6k1,953170
87Using Lvl-6 Enchant to enchant Onyx jewellery. Due to buy limits and the vast amount of gold required to invest, it’s highly impractical to train with Onyx jewellery, and as such most players are suggested to go with lower level enchant spells.97155.2kSee the Lvl-6 Enchant pageSee the Lvl-6 Enchant page
89Cast Recharge Dragonstone. Use a staff of water for the lowest rune cost.97.535.1k307,42714,245
93Using Lvl-7 Enchant to enchant zenyte jewellery. Due to buy limits and the vast amount of gold required to invest, it’s highly impractical to train with zenyte jewellery, and as such most players are suggested to go with lower level enchant spells.110176kSee the Lvl-7 Enchant pageSee the Lvl-7 Enchant page

Varying other methods

From level 4 till 87/99: Enchant Crossbow Bolts (alternative)

The costs below have been estimated under the basis that for each casting to substitute the requirement of basic runes the elemental staff is used.

It is feasible to do about 1900-2150 casts an hour, so that the estimates use an average pace of 2000 castings for each hour.

Point to remember: in most circumstances, this approach is not economically feasible. This is attributed to the fact that the Grand Exchange’s trade volume is just a limited number and the exchange prices mentioned are inaccurate. It is advisable not to make big investments here, and although it can appear profitable, active trading rates are far lower.

SpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceMaterial Cost(Runes +10 Bolts)Profit \ LossXp/hourGp/XP
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Opal)42 19255-19518,000-21.67
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Sapphire)71 1 1171,088-58834,000-34.59
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Jade)142 119UntradeableUntradeable38,000
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Pearl)242 129705-61558,000-21.21
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Emerald)273 1 1371,745-25574,000-6.89
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Red Topaz)292 1333,475-3,34566,000-101.36
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby)495 1 1593,345-1,255118,000-21.27
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond)5710 1 2674,133-463134,000-6.91
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Dragonstone)6815 1 1789,051-401156,000-5.14
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Onyx)8720 1 19786,10733194,0000.34

From level 55+ – (Tele-alching)

“Tele-alching” is a process that blends the two aspects of Teleporting and High Level Alchemy casting. To do this, cast High Level Alchemy accompanied by any teleport, then wait for 3 game ticks (a time span of 1.8 seconds). It is therefore possible to execute a teleport spell and a high alchemy spell inside the time span of 5 game ticks.

Up to 144,600 rate of experiences an hour can be gained by Tele-alching at Camelot and is the cheapest option of the two needing a single law rune for each teleport. euTele-alching at Ardougne is at most an experience rate of 151,200 every hour, but becomes far more costly at the expense of extra law rune for each teleport that is used. In addition, the player can consider tele-alching at Trollheim at level 61 if they have completed Eadgar’s Ruse, have high enough pace and a high enough accuracy. 

You can cast Kourend Castle Teleport at level 69, however it involves reading the transportation incantations. In order to reduce prices, you should use a steam battlestaff.

From level 56/60/63/66+ – (Charging orbs)

The charging of water/air/fire/earth orbs at these levels becomes a choice. Although it is slower and comes with a few minor dangers, and requires more attention than alching it does not cost money (outside of a tiny expenditure to get started) and can also produce a profit, as the price of a charged orb is roughly two to three times of what the total price of the cosmic runes and the unpowered orb is, giving an estimated benefit of 800 for each orb. Make sure to use the appropriate required elemental staff to remove the need for additional runes and conserve inventory space and time.

It must be kept in mind that the pathway to the obelisks in order to charge the orbs is very risky, because the pathway leading up to the fire and water obelisks in the Taverley Dungeon needs the player to cross the Black Demons, Blue and Black Dragons, and the Poison Spiders, and the path to the earth and the air obelisks demands the player to travel through the low-level Wilderness in the Edgeville Dungeon and through a few Black Demons as well. A good level of defense and a lightweight shield are suggested to be equipped by the player, as a consequence.  A crossbow with a mith grapple is suggested for simpler banking at Catherby and heading back to the dungeon when using the Taverley Dungeon, and while using the Wasteland Obelisks, it is advised to carry a few charged amulettes of glory in the bank and utilize them to teleport back to Edgeville.The player may eat some food while banking when the health is low.  A lot of running is expected so it is suggested to equip weight-reducing gear. You should also wear the Ardougne cloak for a short trip to the Ardougne Monastery to recharge your prayer points before bringing the Amulet of Glory back to Edgeville; this will enable you to have protection prayers as you ride to the obelisks.

The player 35,000–40,000 experience every hour upon charging air orbs making use of an Amulet of Glory to travel back to Edgeville, whilst gaining a couple hundred thousand gold every hour.


These calculations are made keeping Elemental battlestaves in mind.

SpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceMaterial CostOrb PriceProfit \ Loss
Charge Water Orb563 + Water battlestaff663751,099724
Charge Earth Orb603 + Earth battlestaff703751,044669
Charge Fire Orb633 + Fire battlestaff733751,143768
Charge Air Orb663 + Air battlestaff763751,137762

From level 70+ – (Killing maniacal monkeys)

The quickest way to train Magic in the game by killing maniacal monkeys with Ice Barrage or Ice Burst on Ape Atoll. This involves the beginning of chapter II of the Monkey Madness II quest and the presence of Ancient Magicks. Maniacal monkeys often drop 1-dose prayer potions that help greatly by lowering the cost of utilizing Protect from Melee. Users who do not have accessibility to maniacal monkeys may as an alternative burst skeletal monkeys inside the Ape Atoll Dungeon, although bear in mind that this is marginally slower and more costly in comparison to maniacal monkeys.

p This approach would provide the player with an experience rate of 315,000 Magic per hour when using Ice Blast, and an experience rate of 410,000 Ice Barrage per hour. Maniacal monkey tactics page includes suggested inventory setups as well as equipment.

From level 78+ – (Tan Leather)

Players that have completed the Hard Fremennik Diary and have access to the lunar spellbook will use Tan Leather, which grants 81 points of experience per cast, and can tan up to 5 leather.  It is recommended that 25 spaces are left available for leather, 2 spaces for runes, and any other item to occupy the last inventory spot to avoid extra gold loss from the runes. Using this approach, tanning dragonhide will result in a small or potentially big (1m+) profit per hour based on current prices. When using this strategy, it is advised to be on the Grand Exchange to continuously buy and sell leather. This technique will obtain an experience rate of more than 120,000 for each hour, or perhaps even further if it’s concentrated.

From level 80+ – (Stun-alching)

Stun-alching becomes accessible once the player reaches level 80 Magic, but costs far more than high alchemy, which is usually lower loss or free.  The player will first cast High Alchemy, next the Stun will be cast on the NPC, and then finally repeat the process until required. In order to do this, you’ll need a mud battlestaff (gives the player free earth/water runes) and a set of metal armor like iron (full helm, platelegs, plate body, kiteshield) and a d’hide vambrace to decrease your magic attack bonus to-65 or below, which will allow you to splash your stun spell and constantly cast it on the same object without having to wait for their stats to be restored, and then for safe spotting choosing a suitable NPC.The basement of the Magic Guild in Yanille is a good spot. As needed to maintain your attack bonus beneath -65, quip your Granite helm, Fighter Torso and Granite legs with a fire tome and mud staff. An average experience rate of 184,000 an hour is probable.

You can add to this rotation in a teleport without skipping any game ticks. enUsing Ardougne Teleport as your option leaves you within the range of the guard so that it is easier to stun him at all times, and due to this reason an experience rate of up to 256,000 an hour is entirely achievable. This approach might not be ideal because it requires an intensive amount of clicking.

From level 80+ – (String Jewellery)

Users who have accessibility to the lunar spellbook can, as an alternative, cast String Jewelry. It  takes 1.8 seconds for the spell per amulet strung, or 48.6 seconds for an inventory, which offers 4 experience in Crafting and 83 experience in Magic per amulet.  When clicked, each amulet would be strung one by one in your inventory and  for each amulet strung, you will be given experience in return. It is advised to use a mud battlestaff.

Experience levels reach up to 150,000 in Magic (together with 6,265 Crafting) every hour.

From level 86+ – (Plank Make)

Upon reaching level 86 Magic you may start casting the Plank Make spell that is mentioned in the Lunar spellbook.  The spell converts logs into planks, one at a time inside the player’s inventory, although coins are also needed for this. Nevertheless, in addition to Lunar Diplomacy, Dream Mentor must be completed by the player in order to access the spell. With a good commitment, players will have an experience rate of 166,000 every hour, and utilizing mahogany boards also has a good chance of yielding a considerable amount of profit.  

Conversely, players may cast the spell once and what this does is that it instantly renders the majority of the planks in their collection, even if it’s 1.2 seconds slower and as a result slows down the entire process a little. It yet helps players by allowing them to AFK, offering up to an experience rate of 90k in Magic for every hour.

Quests for Magic Experience

Witch’s Potion325
Imp Catcher875
Fairytale I – Growing Pains1,000
Spirits of the Elid1,000 33
The Giant Dwarf1,500 33
The Grand Tree2,150
Recipe for Disaster
(Lumbridge Guide subquest)
Horror from the Deep4,662
King’s Ransom5,000 45
Lunar Diplomacy5,000 65
Enakhra’s Lament7,000 39
Dream Mentor10,000 65
The Eyes of Glouphrie12,000 46
Swan Song15,000 66
Watchtower15,250 15
Desert Treasure20,000 50

Check other skills guide here.


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