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Renting accounts in OSRS has been pretty common from last few years for money making in osrs. We can see multiple service providers offering competitive prices and service. 

Account rentals have a service fee which varies for each rental service. 

RScomparison has brought the comparison of all Rental services under one page for you to decide which one to go to for your daily rent a staker deals. 

We just list the website and are not affiliated to any website mentioned. You must make all trades at your own risk.


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How Does Renting OSRS Account Works?

This is self explanatory. All you have to do is to contact the host that will be any website you trust. Contact them and agree on the price, after you have paid the rent money, they will give you the account details for staking. Be sure to follow their renting rules.

The gold you will be using  for staking has to be put on the account by the customer himself, therefore there are multiple methods of doing this. One is you can buy OSRS gold from any trusted website and get it on the account (only if the renter allows you to do so) otherwise you will have to trade it from your own account to the main. Another method of getting the gold required for staking is to swap your RS3 to OSRS. At the end of the staking session, you may swap it back or sell osrs for USD.

How to rent safely and prevent scams?

Do your research. Do not rely on word of mouth or anything else. Best prevention measure is to do your own research. Many people rely on buy OSRS gold to stake and then selling it after the session. This is however not recommended. Not every day is a sunday and you may loose it. Which will be a bigger loss.

You will have to search for the respective service provider, look into their feedback, use your common sense, browse through their profiles on different forums etc to get an idea of how trusted they are. Once you are fully satisfied, only then proceed with the process. 

Better safe than sorry.

What are the risks while renting an account on Oldschool Runescape?

It is really hard to trust anyone online therefore your research plays an important role in keeping you and your wealth safe during any transaction. 

There are multiple risks in renting. The biggest and most happening is the recovery of the account while you are staking on it. This means you have your gold and wealth on the account too which will be taken away. 

Most of the service providers have rental service as a part of their business model. It will be a rare case if someone super trust worthy who is in business for many years will risk recovering the account. No one has the guarantee that the account will always have a reasonable amount of GP or platinum tokens on it when it is recovered. A trustworthy shop has to keep its reputation in order to operate the business for a longer period of time. 

Any service provider who is solely doing rentals and have started few weeks ago has higher chance of recovering the account than someone who has been here for years and does alot of other services apart from rentals.

Another scam that may occur is not getting the correct account or no account at all after you have paid the rental money. This too can only be expected from a new comer. However, always do your research before making any trade.

Not everyone who falls for a scam has reported the scam publicly. But the ones which were reported on various forums are still in record. A blacklist of account s and service providers is available on



Duel Arena Precautions while Staking

First of all, never ever choose the pre set settings on the rental account. They are not always the correct one and the previous client on the account may have altered them. Check each and every checkbox carefully to ensure nothing is left. 

Never hurry in starting the stake. The other person might have not put the correct amount of gold or changed the settings which was missed by you, if you accept the trade as it is there is a very high chance of you loosing to your opponent. 

Our Advice

Finally, quit while you are still in profit. Gambling or staking is purely luck, you may end up being in profit right now and then the very next moment you loose everything. Sell OSRS gold which you have made to be actually up before loosing it in a stake.