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Money Making Guide OSRS for F2P

Money Making Guide OSRS for F2P
Oldschool Money Making Guide OSRS for F2P

Money Making Guide OSRS for F2P

Playing OldSchool Runescape as an F2P player can be difficult when it comes to generating gold that is essential in funding your gameplay. Many guides on the internet are misleading and assume rates using play-to-play meta like close banking locations and teleports which are not accessible for F2P.

We will give you a comprehensive overview of the easiest money making methods in OSRS F2P, where a variety of factors will be taken into consideration (market demand, requirements, etc).

1. Mining Iron Ore

Estimated profit: 150k gold per hour

Mining iron ore is easily one of the most rewarding money making methods for F2P players. Aside from gaining a massive amount of gold, the player also gains around 20,000 mining experience per hour.

A rune pickaxe for maximum efficiency and a level 40 in mining is required. Varrock East and Varrock West are the ideal locations, but they may be crowded with bots on most worlds (time dependant). To avoid this, visit the Al Kharid mine which does have a high walking distance to the bank.

The more you mine, the larger sum you’ll make, as you’ll get better at mining (higher levels). Switching to other ores is possible but rather troublesome because of banking locations. The high weight you are carrying reduces profitability and puts a strain on your hour. Runite Ore is better but requires 85 mining which most players don’t have. 

2. Telegrabbing Wines of Zamorak

Estimated profit: 150-250k gold per hour.

Around 2,000 gold per wine can be gained by grabbing Wines of Zamorak. This can be done using the ‘Telekinetic grab’ spell which needs 33 magic. You can cast this spell at the Asgarnia Chaos Temple which is lies North of Falador. The player can telegrab wines on the upper floor without aggravating the monks. However, this requires 500 Total Level using purely F2P levelling methods, which may take a lot of your time. The base floor wines will always be aggressive whether you physically grab or telekinetic grab. To steal the wine you must kill the monks. In addition you may face complications against bots and other opposing players, which has worsened over time but the addition of the 500 total requirement has evaded that issue. Overall, Telegrabbing wines of Zamorak is a very rewarding F2P OSRS method in money making. 

3. Killing Ogress Shamans

Estimated profit: 50-100k gold per hour

Ogress Shamans are considerably new monsters on OSRS and unknown as money makers in F2P. However, they have matchless drops (gems, Rune helms, ranarr seeds etc). Magic is the only way they can attack you so as long as the player is five squares away, the magic will not reach you. Plus, their range defense is half as compared to their mgic defense. It is recommended to use range and levelling it. Killing monsters is more fun and gratifying than rock mining. The arrows cost will limit your profit but you can make around 50k per hour and 100k if you gain fine drops and keep levelling your range.

Completion of ‘The Corsair Curse’ quest is required to access the caves.

4. Collecting anti-dragon shields

Estimated profit: 90k gold per hour

A very simple money making OSRS method in F2P is buying anti-dragon shields from Oziach in Edgeville. Each shield is sold for 30-35 GP, and they further sell for 75 GP each. The player should walk back instead of running back to the bank to conserve run energy, due to the large weight burden on the route. Energy potion can be used, however the shields added don’t outweigh the energy potions costs.

The downside is that no skilling experience is gained and completing Dragon Slayer is a must which means that all F2P quests need to be completed. The demand is high for these shields and so you may have to wait if they are short on supply.

5. Making anchovy pizzas

 Estimated profit per hour: 130k-180k gold per hour

The making of these pizzas is undemanding; plain pizzas need to be used on cooked anchovies. A level 55 in cooking is needed, it m=sounds high but cooking is the easiest and fastest to skill in the game. Anchovy pizza’s fast healing properties raise their demand in the market. They have a very high market demand in F2P. 

Nevertheless, 100,00 gold/hour is required to invest in supplies. Due to its popularity, the method may be overburdened by the time you do it and a buy limit may be imposed.

6. Cutting yew logs

Estimated profit: 60k per hour

Yew log cutting is a high AFK activity with a lower intensity. Varrock Place and the Corsair Cave Resource Area are the ideal locations (Dragon Slayer needs to be completed). A 60 in rune axe and woodcutting is required.

Plenty of experience in woodcutting will be gained and this method is light on intensity with a gold trade-off per hour.



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