Nightmare Zone Guide – NMZ

What is the Nightmare Zone?

The Nightmare Zone is a minigame focused on combat that lies north of Yanille, northwest side of the bank. The minigame includes players who have “dreams” of battling bosses they have battled in quests previously. It is managed by Dominic Onion, who is also a mage from the Lunar Isle. The Nightmare Zone minigame is secure, considering you won’t end up losing items upon death; but, should you die, all items you manually drop on the quest grounds will be lost, as you’ll be driven away from the playing field.

History of the NMZ

Dominic had not really intended to call his business the Nightmare Zone in Oldschool Runescape; this is something the local folks just called it and established. When he was younger, the idea came to him in a vivid dream, where he saw himself run a prosperous business from a good structure. He told about it to his father who laughed it off and said he ought to be a banker and follow the line of his ancestors. He objected and decided to find out what that vision meant, so he was studying to learn more about Magic, oneiromancy and the interpretation of dreams in particular. Having learned plenty, he left Lunar Isle trying to find the spot where he had constructed the gigantic tower. Because he had not discovered it or raised enough money for its building, he managed to set up a local business north of Yanille that would sell dreams to the people.

How to do Nightmare Zone OSRS?

The minigame demands the coins be put inside the coffer. Coins can be withdrawn from the coffer and also stored inside it in multiples of 1000, up to a maximum amount of coins of 262,143,000. The quantity of coins needed for each mode differs by mode form, respectively:

Practice mode is unpaid and free so no coins are needed.

Endurance mode demands 5000 coins for hard mode, and for the normal mode 1,000 coins. Rumble mode needs 2,000 when it comes to the normal mode, and 6,000 coins for the hard mode. Customisable rumbles need 22,000 normal-mode coins, and coins for 26,000 hard-mode. Players with the most quest points will have the expense lowered by 10,000 coins, to 12,000 coins if it is the normal mode, and 16,000 coins if the player is in hard mode.

How to get to Nightmare Zone?

  • Make use of the teleportation option in the mini-game tab which is the quickest way to get there. Cast the Watchtower Teleport and then move eastwards. 
  • Redirect a Teleport to House tablet while your house is situated in Yanille, or redirect a teleport to Yanille using the scroll to get to the house tablet inside.
  • Use fairy ring code C-L-S and travel northwest, or C-I-Q, and going across Yanille.
  • Use a dueling ring to teleport to Castle Wars, next you need to walk to Yanille. 
  • Use Spirit Tree to teleport to Tree Gnome Village and then walk further on from the Village.
  • Make use of the Ardougne cloak 1 to teleport to the Monastery and upon reaching start walking south.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Nightmare Zone

General Advice for NMZ

You must have at least 22,000 coins (considering if its the normal mode) or 26,000 (hard mode) to initiate a rumble instance. To activate a “vision” in the Nightmare Zone a minimum of five quests are required. Bringing a Pet with you into the arena can be useful, because your pet will assist with bodyblocking and reduce the number of attackers that can hit you-this will save points for the Absorption Potion. The bosses in the battle will be focused upon what the entire group can access, when beginning a rumble. For instance, if a player has accomplished all the quests but a member of the group has only completed Lost City, Witch’s House, Monkey Madness I, Tree Gnome Village and Haunted Mine, the bosses from only those five specific quests will then be battled. 

If you’ve finished either of the other quests you can opt to pay Dominic Onion 22,000 coins (for Normal) or 26,000 coins (for Hard) for a Customizable Rumble instead. You will have the ability to disable or enable any bosses you have unlocked with the condition that you may not start until the bosses are enabled from at least 5 quests.Despite having several boss encounters, quests like Recipe for Disaster Desert Treasure, and Dream Mentor count for just one of the five mandatory minimum quests to begin. Choosing any boss from a quest that involves many bosses would concurrently toggle on or off ALL bosses of that quest.The most popular quests for melee are The Grand Tree (Black Demon) or Mountain Daughter (MTD), with the following five quests: Lost City, Vampire Slayer, Tree Gnome Village, Battle Arena and either The Grand Tree or Mountain Daughter. MTD offers an hour of more experience while Demon is great for points in general. If you did the Lunar Diplomacy, you might battle Me.

A normal rumble is priced around 22,000 coins while it costs 26,000 coins for the hard rumble. If the player does not want to use other options mentioned above, this can prove to be very helpful for the player, although you should be mindful that the less bosses you choose in the rumble, will result in the player getting reduced points.

How to AFK Nightmare Zone – NMZ?

The addition of more bosses increases the number of points provided per boss. A 5-boss session provides 28.5% of the maximum points of a boss whereas 10 bosses give around 32.5%. Count Draynor dishes out 1822 points with 5 bosses and 10 bosses will acquire 2083 points.

The primary strategy involves playing the Hard Rumble mode on Nightmare Zone and eliminating the bosses from the said quests. Players can use one of the above mentioned methods to very effectively earn points and combat experience.

Note: Do not use the Ultimate Force power-up as it suppresses any boss present in the room without handing out any points or XP. If you are looking for ways to increase the level of experience, just select the power surge as it will easily restore a special attack fast.The bonus damage that is brought by Zapper as well as Recurrent damage does not give any experience at all and is only just a way for the players to be able to kill the bosses quicker in order to gain points.

Note 2: While Zapper and Recurrent Damage do not provide additional experience, enabling such power-ups is unlikely to affect experience levels unless the player destroys enemies more quickly than they spawn. As a result it is advised to disable all power-ups except Ultimate Force for more points..

Especially noteworthy is the fact that Moss Guardian, Ice Troll King, Dad and Arrg provide an experience boost of 7.5 percent, 12.5 percent, 10 percent and 17.5 percent respectively (that’s 4.3; 4.5; 4.4; and 4.7 experience for 1 damage respectively, relative to the 4 experiences you usually get).This is especially useful when using Absorption potions and Dharok’s Set as you can maximize DPS, although one might want to evade Ice Troll King and Dad as they force the player a few squares back, along with Arrg as he attacks using range which plausibly tends to increase the damage taken as you probably wouldn’t be able to stay in a corner.

OSRS Nightmare Zone Strategy

Select a customizable rumble of a hard level, and select bosses that can only attack using Melee. All the eligible bosses are mentioned below, and the player can select as many points every hour as possible to get more.

  • Count Draynor (Vampire Slayer)
  • Trapped Soul (The Ascent of Arceuus)
  • King Roald (What Lies Below)
  • Sand Snake (The Depths of Despair)
  • The Kendal (Mountain Daughter)
  • Skeleton Hellhound (In Search of the Myreque)
  • Me (Lunar Diplomacy)
  • Tree Spirit (Lost City)
  • Black Knight Titan (Holy Grail)
  • Khazard warlord (Tree Gnome Village)
  • Bouncer (Fight Arena)
  • Black Demon (The Grand Tree)

Activate Melee Protection (and Preserve if super combat potions are being used), and simply drink super combat potions or overloads and prayer potions as required. Damage-boosting prayers like Ultimate Strength or Piety can also be availed to increase points and experience per hour, but this increases the prayer drain considerably and necessitates more attention. Use Saradomin godsword or ancient mace special attacks to replenish Prayer points, or granite maul or dragon claws special attacks for greater damage output when the Power Surge power-up is available.

Inventory and setup for OSRS NMZ

  • A weapon with special attack to replenish Prayer points or acquire more output for damage.
  • Holy wrench (not necessary)
  • Either 4-6 super combat potions or overloads 
  • Rest prayer potions

Nightmare Zone Points

If it’s your first time using the Nightmare Zone, choose the easy endurance mode to earn points to purchase some 1:5 ratio absorption and overload. Follow this guide to finish your first ride, after accumulating the points and purchasing your first doses. You should have enough points after your first two runs to be able to purchase potions and go on.


Purchase absorption and overload potions in a ratio of 1:5. You can drink 1 absorption potion for each overload dose, and carry a complete absorption potion in case of emergencies. (Forgetting to reapply the overload or inadvertently acquiring hit points, are a few examples).

While the overdose will not allow you to take a dose if your hit points are less than 51, it will destroy you if you lower your health until 50 hp has completely drained. Just wait until 50 hp has been removed from the potion before reducing your hp to 1, or reduce your health to precisely 51 before you take a dose.

Absorption potions, instead of damaging the hitpoints, can refer to a pool of absorption damage from which the most damage is obtained. Through reducing the hitpoints to 1, all damage would limit at 1, eliminating from the absorption pool just 1 point of damage per hit.

The progress toward restoring hit points can be reset naturally by flicking Rapid Heal. Flicking on and off this prayer once every 60 seconds will not drain an ounce of prayer, and will enable you to live at 1 hitpoint. You must however have at least one point of prayer to activate the prayer.

If you miss a flick then use the Locator orb or Dwarven Rock Cake to lower your hit points again. With putting that aside, the damage sustained will have no effect on the previously consumed absorption potion.

It will regenerate 50 hp when the impact of overloading potions runs out, allowing enemies to take massive amounts out of your absorption pool. Before the overload expires consume 4 doses of your absorption and be ready to reapply the overload quickly. When re-applying the overload potion you can activate the Protect from Melee option to reduce the damage taken from your absorption reservoir.


If you don’t have any of the following quests completed, read a full in depth guide here to get them done as soon as possible.

Dream Mentor

  • As the bosses award far more points than other bosses, you need to complete Dream Mentor.
  • Completion of all the quests will decrease costs by 10k per run.

Desert Treasure

  • A lot of points are accumulated through the bosses from this specific quest.

Recipe for Disaster

  • A lot of points are accumulated through the bosses from this specific quest.

Locator orb or Dwarven Rock Cake

  • Such items help you to reduce your health which improves the potency of absorption potions.
  • The Dwarven Rock Cake can be bought for 100 coins from Rohak; after finishing Freeing the Mountain Dwarf/Recipe for Disaster.
  • During Dragon Slayer II, the Locator orb is collected.

To acquire Protect from Melee,43 Protect.


During Rumble mode, there are power-ups that appear automatically somewhere in the game, which offer a player a temporary advantage against the arena bosses. There are four power-ups, each with an individual color that represents its use:

  • Recurrent Damage

This powerup is a red orb that glows. While each hit will be followed by a second hit for 75 per cent of the damage under the influence of repeated damage. The powerup should always be picked up.

  • Zapper

This powerup is a luminous purple orb. While this powerup is working, it will inflict intermittent harm to all enemies within the range of the orb. 

Unless you have spawned the first phase of Damis, you can pick up this powerup, because his second phase will drain prayer with his attack.

  • Power Surge

This powerup is a yellow glowing orb While under the influence of Power Surge, you’ll have an incredibly increased rate of restoration in special attack. You must always pick up this powerup, and perform special constant attacks on your top priority target.

  • Ultimate Force

This powerup is a white glowing orb. This powerup can destroy all bosses in the arena once it’s activated. It doesn’t give points for the bosses it is destroying. You shouldn’t pick up this powerup unless you’ve spawned too many Damis or Fareed / Flambeed or have not spawned high-point bosses.

NMZ Gear

As you will use absorption potions to control all damage, defensive bonuses are of no importance. The player should equip the best offensive gear that has the highest possible bonus in strength available. Unless you can afford the costs of replacing them, try to avoid utilizing degradable gears 

If your hit points are 92 or greater, the optimal strategy would be to use the equipment from Dharok the Wretched. Within 92 hitpoints, the best strategy is to use the Berserker belt with a collection of obsidian armor.


Each overload potion gives 20 minutes in the arena. Each run can last up to 80 minutes if 4 potions are taken.

  • 4 overloads
  • Weapon for special Attack (Granite maul or Dragon claws), through the course of the Power Surge powerup
  • 20 absorption potions
  • Ice gloves for killing Fareed
  • Self-harm device ( Locator orb or Dwarven rock cake)
  • 1 Prayer potion for emergencies

Dragon claws are the special attack weapon of choice but granite maul is a rather cheaper alternative instead. When accidentally hit by pray-draining attacks, the prayer potion should be used to regain prayer, to guarantee you can still flick rapid heal, or to enable the protection from melee option when your overload has expired.

Game Modes in NMZ

Nightmare Zone has 3 modes of play as follows: endurance, practice, and rumble. All modes have a difficulty ‘ Hard’ or ‘ Normal’ which can then be implemented:

Normal –  Quest monsters are battled in their respective quests at the original levels they were at if the player is using the normal mode.

Hard – The hard mode doubles the bosses ‘ hit points, strength, attacks, magic and range levels where appropriate. The defensive stats stay the same.

Once the player chooses a participating mode, money is extracted from the coffer, and Dominic prepares the potion of dreams on a plinth, which upon drinking will lead you into the arena of the Nightmare Zone. Players that desire to spectate can drink the spectator potion and add the name of the player they desire to spectate.

You don’t have to bring the quest items you need to finish off bosses; for instance, the Black Knight Titan will perish without using excalibur, and items like magic secateurs will be given for Tanglefoot and an anti-dragon shield for Elvarg, and runes will be supplied for the Dagannoth Mother and Chronozon. All products delivered this way have “(nz)” at the end of their titles, meaning that if taken out of the Nightmare Zone they would vanish. Magic experience from casting spells is greatly reduced by using “(nz)” runes (this does not refer to the magic experience gained from dealing in damage.) If you don’t have the required level for magic spells, train it with the help of our magic training guide for OSRS, Found here: Magic Training Guide OSRS

NOTE: If you sign out while you are inside the arena you will log in outside the Dream World.


Fighting each boss the player unlocks 1-on-1 in waves until either the player dies or eliminates all available bosses, earning Points for each defeated boss.


Players will choose a single boss that has been overcome before in a quest to battle 1-on-1 until either the player or the boss dies. No experience is granted, and no Nightmare Zone points are earned for the boss’s destruction. Drops like those of Dragon Bones from Elvarg, WILL be rewarded upon the destruction of the boss.


This particular mode allows the player (or a circle of friends) to battle several randomly generated bosses at once. When you kill any single boss, you endlessly spawn another one in its place until the player dies. This mode demands that all participants in the group have the coins available to compete.Bosses personally encountered in a rumble are the ones accessible to all players in the group. Boss kills are awarded with reward points (points are to be divided between teams).

A player must first talk to Dominic to initiate a rumble, and then be able to invite other competing players within the enclosure. Those who exit the enclosure will be thrown out from the group automatically. Once the hosting player has drank the Dream potion, the group members will be encouraged either to join the shared dream or else to leave the group.

How to do NMZ afk? If you don’t die within it, it can last a good six hours in rumble mode

As of March 10, 2016, after selecting Rumble mode, players can select their own array of bosses within the dream by choosing the customisable options. Customisable dreams necessitate 22,000 coins for the normal mode and 26,000 coins for the hard mode. Players who have the most quest points would have the cost lowered down by 10,000 coins. But, points are reduced in customizable rumbles particularly in comparison to those of regular rumbles, depending as to how many bosses you remove. Having another player host the rumble who has finished fewer quests does not raise points earned.

Slayer Training

Within the Nightmare Zone, certain monsters that are battled have the potential to provide the player with slayer experience when killed upon task. Due to the ability to use Overloads and Absorption Potions these monsters are rather easier to kill than their regular equivalents and counterparts. To start an instance however, a player must pick at the very minimum of about five different bosses to reface. This does dramatically limit the amount of experience, but still allows for some monsters in particular to have a much more AFK alternative when it comes to battling them. It is advised to use other bosses that are quick and easy to destroy such as Count Draynor, and Trapped Soul in order to increase the slayer experience points.It is advised to use ALL powerups like Ultimate force If at least one point of damage is inflicted on a monster accepted as a slayer task, full slayer experience will still be provided.

Rewards – Dom Onion’s Reward Shop

The Nightmare Zone rewards are stored inside a chest near Dominic Onion, and the rewards that are within the chest are split into three categories: Resources,  Benefits and Upgrades. The player can easily buy these rewards by making use of the Reward points acquired inside the minigame. It can hold a capacity of 2,147,483,647 points in the chest at once. The points can be redeemed for items from chest, these items are mostly sold for GP in the Grand Exchange by the players. The gold obtained is then used for other in-game tasks or can be sold to OSRS Gold Buyers. List of trusted osrs gold buyers and sellers can be found on RSComparison.


Upgrades will infuse particular items for reward points, as a result growing the stats. The imbued black mask and slayer helmet increases Ranged and Magic accuracy and damage to Slayer targets that have been assigned. Imbued rings also increased their combat bonuses in comparison to their normal counterparts.

Imbuing it will add a (i) to its name and you will have the option to “Uncharge.” The uncharging option would delete the imbued bonus and refund 80% of the points back to the player.  However the player would need a sum total of 7,825,000 reward points to get every imaginable imbue.


Resources include some certain Herblore ingredients, elemental runes, items which can only be obtained through the minigame, like those of redirection scrolls. Note: The one and only item that Ironman mode accounts can purchase from the shop’s resources tab are the redirect scrolls.

*All the players are limited to being able to purchase not more than 15 boxes of Herb per day.


Benefits include some potions that can be used only inside the minigame and nowhere else. Dominic’s potions are only sold by the dose quantities. Once you buy a dose it will be automatically placed in the barrels until they are withdrawn by the player. All Nightmare Zone potions except overloads as a result of the damage that has been dealt, can be consumed extremely quickly, and just like combo foods, you may actually drink 28 absorptions at the pace of cleaning up a inventory of herbs, through clicking on them one by one, this can also be achieved for food / other potions for Nightmare Zone potions, without slowing down any hits at all that have been inflicted.


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