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OSRS Kudos Guide – Oldschool Runescape

OSRS Kudos Guide – Oldschool Runescape
Complete guide to get kudos in osrs

Kudos Guide for OSRS

Kudos can be obtained in the oldschool Runescape by helping the varrock museum staff. Depending on the player, the staff gives out certain kudos as a reward for the help. The fossil island can only be accessed once you have a certain amount of kudos i.e 100+.

Kudos in Oldschool Runescape

The rewards that are awarded to a player for assisting and helping out the staff in the Varrock Museum are referred to as ‘Kudos’. Depending entirely on the player clearing certain Kudos thresholds, they will be given rewards by the varying staff around the museum. These Kudos are not spent but they are only accumulated. When a player earns Kudos, their count is put to display on the upper left hand side of the screen. Players can also view their Kudos count and what challenges they have yet to accomplish by right-clicking on the information booth situated in the northwest corner at the ground floor of the Museum. A minimum of a 100 Kudos or more are an essential prerequisite in order to gain access to Fossil Island. Once a Kudos of 153 has been gained (the prior maximum until the Fossil Island update), players can use the gateway that opens up to the Digsite.

 At the maximum, around 225 Kudos can be earned by the player in the Varrock Museum activity by making use of these four different methods:

Cleaning the finds (50 Kudos)

Taking Orlando Smith’s natural history quiz (28 Kudos)

Relating knowledge of specific completed quests to the Historian Minas (75 Kudos)

Finishing fossil exhibits (72 Kudos)

Players can communicate with the Information Clerk situated on the ground floor of the Varrock Museum to obtain specific recommendations on further ways to earn more Kudos.

A maximum number of kudos is compulsory for the player to get a hold of the master quest cape as well as the completionist cape.

Cleaning finds of Kudos

A maximum of 50 Kudos can be made from the Digsite cleaning findings. One of several ways to earn kudos is through cleaning the Digsite finds. It necessitates completion of the The Dig Site quest.It’s the southern part that’s sectioned off. Speak to any of the archaeologists and they’ll advise you that you’ll need to wear leather boots and leather gloves, and that you’ll also need a trowel, a specimen brush and a rock pick.The gloves, boots, and tools can all be located on the tool rack on the south wall. You will gather unclean finds from the Dig Site test rocks next to the Sinco Doar, when you have all your gear. Make use of them on the open specimen tables in order to clean them.

How to Get Kudos in Oldschool

In total, there are five artefacts that can be exchanged for kudos by having a conversation with any of the archaeologists throughout the cleaning area:

Artefacts for Kudos Exchange

Artefact DisplayKudos
Pottery 2210
Old symbol3610
Ancient symbol   3710
Ancient coin 4410
Old coin4510

The player may find other artefacts, such as old chipped vases and arrowheads, that can be traded for items in the artefact boxes while the player is cleaning the specimens. Possibilities comprise of numerous low-level ores, a small number of coins, bowls or perhaps even antique lamps.The player can also find a clean necklace. If you are brought to an archaeologist, they will show you how to make a Digsite pendant.

Natural history quiz in Varrock Museum

A convenient way to earn a kudos is to head to the basement of the museum and finish the Natural History quiz questions about various creatures found in RuneScape. To start, talk to Orlando Smith. To start with, the player should talk to Orlando Smith. There are several exhibits that will give you a question to answer about the species depicted when you are reading their plaque. The player or the user is only required to give out a total of three correct answers and another thing to keep in mind is that you are not charged with a penalty for giving out wrong answers. Two kudos are earned by the player for  correctly answering the three questions for every exhibit.

These 14 exhibits would give out a total of 28 kudos to the player as well, in addition to the 1,000 Hunter and 1,000 Slayer’s experience communicating with Orlando Smith.

Completing quests to get Kudos

After finishing your tasks or quests, the player can then make way to the 2nd floor [US] of the museum and speak to Historian Minas.The player will see a brief explanation or a synopsis of whatever quest they are “turning in” and they also get kudos or/and antique lamps that provide 1,000 or 10,000 experience in a skill that is of the player’s choice (20 or greater for the 1,000 experience lamps, and 51 or greater for the 10,000 experience lamps) in the form of a reward. In fact, one of the numerous display cases in the museum will as of now demonstrate or put to display something that is relevant to that specific quest.

Mr. Mordaut

The player can find Mr.Mordaut in his office that is situated under the stairs further in the basement. Upon inquiry about the dragonkin and talking to him about it can result in an outcome of a gain in kudos and in addition to that, gaining one 25,000  Slayer XP dragonkin lamp. In order to earn those rewards the player, as a requirement, has to finish the ‘Ritual of the Mahjarrat’ and ‘A Tail of Two Cats’ (gives a kudos of 5), they need to kill the King Black Dragon or obtain Last riders instead (gives the player a kudos of 5), and lastly gain victory over the Queen Black Dragon (this will result in 5 kudos). Only upon the completion of these set of tasks successfully will the player be able to receive the lamp. Along with that, talking to Mr.Mordaut will result in the accumulation of an average of 15 kudos in total to the player.

Fossil Island OSRS

Upon completion of the Bone Voyage quest the player will find unknown or unidentified fossils along the Fossil Island that the player needs to clean so that they can be identified by them. After building all the utilities, players can also get five unidentified small fossils from Peter who can be found in the Museum Camp. That is how they can get a head start.

Fossils that have been cleaned by the player are then added to the displays that are empty in the paleontology floor of the Museum, which can be accessed through climbing down the stairs situated within the central part of the natural history floor. There are a total of 14 small displays, 12 medium displays, 5 plant displays, and 5 large displays, in which the large display consists of five sets of supports, which are then further merged into a single extremely large unit of display of a Leviathan. In order to fill out a display, there are certain items that they need such as a set of limbs, pelvis, spine, ribs and skull of a similar size. When in comes to plant displays, the player needs a set of fossilised roots, leaf, branch, mushroom and stump so that they are able to fill the display.

Upon the successful completion of each display, it will provide the player with two kudos as well as an antique lamp which depends on the completed display. A display that is small will offer an antique lamp which gives an expereince 2,000  in a specific skill, a display that is medium will generate an experience of 3,500, and a large/plant display will provide the player with an experience of 5,000 which adds up to an impressive 120,000 in experience only if all the displays are completed.

Rewards from Kudos

There are certain rewards that the player can obtain and make use of with the help of a specific amount of kudos. Following are a few examples of how kudos can help obtain you benefits:

  • 100 Kudos: this will enable the player to gain access to Fossil Island.
  • 150 Kudos: this will enable the player to gain access to Volcanic Mine.
  • 153 Kudos:  this will enable the player to gain access to the Workman’s gate, which opens up to the Digsite. This is also a prerequisite for the Hard Varrock diary.
  • Speaking to the information clerk:
    •   51+ Kudos: this will get the player 1,000 experience in Mining.
    •  101+ Kudos: this will get the player 2,500 experience in Mining and Crafting.
    •  151+ Kudos: this will get the player 4,000 experience in Crafting,Slayer, Prayer, Hunter and Smithing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get kudos OSRS?

Kudos can be obtained by helping the staff in Varrock Museum.

How to get 153 Kudos?

153 Kudos can be obtained by completing all the tasks assigned by the staff of the museum in Varrock.



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