Splashing Guide for Oldschool Runescape

What is OSRS Splashing? Well, this is the most easiest method to train 1-99 Magic. Splashing in Runescape old school is the most afk-able form of training Magic. There are many reasons as to why players like to use the splashing method; they can perform other tasks while they are still in the process of training their Magic with an intensity that is relatively low. Although splashing is not ideally a very rewarding method in gaining Magic experience, it’s afk ability makes it easier for the player to do other stuff in the meantime such as watching a movie, completing your homework, working out, or anything that they want to do all the while still getting an adequate sum of experience in Magic. The method of splashing basically involves the player using Magic to splash a target of a lower level without entailing any damage as a result; hence the term ‘splashing’. In order to make sure that your target does not face any damage, the player must have a -65 attack in Magic. Along with that, it is important that you make sure you are splashing on a target that is not interacting or communicating with any other player. This will make sure that your training in Magic is not ruined or meddled with by other people.

How to Begin Splashing in Oldschool Runescape

Beginning splashing is very simple as soon as you have chosen a target. Make sure you’re wearing a staff so you can utilize “Auto Retaliate,” that’s what renders this method AFKable, because you do not have to keep attacking the target when you have switched Auto Retaliate on, but you will be doing it automatically. The player would also want to make sure they get enough runes for the spell that they desire to use utilize. Just start attacking your target when you have the runes and your staff on Auto Retaliate and let the Magic experience that you will get as a result flow in. You will have to show some kind of activity every couple of minutes, such as rotating your screen or clicking on the target again to avoid getting logged out of the game. You could splash for 6 hours straight before a concealed update back around in in 2015 until you were pressured to logout, rendering this approach even more AFKable. Definitely an unfortunate news for splashers, the game has been secretly updated and since the update the player has to show some sort of activity every few minutes in order to not get logged out of the game.

Looking to get 60k+ Magic xp/hr ?

Setting Up Armour and Splashing Gear

If you want to splash targets without causing any damage, you will require a -65 attack in Magic. To achieve getting a -65 attack in Magic, the player can use either of the  two ways: First things first, you want to have an armor that is full plate, the plate armor could be made out of anything, it is not important whether it is steel, bronze, rune, etc. You can choose to wear d’hide vambraces as soon as you have the plate armor, which will lead you to an attack of -65 Magic. The other method is that the player can also choose to make use of a cursed goblin staff, which will also give the player the desired attack of -65 in Magic. When you have acquired the -65 Magic attack by the use of one of these setups, the player should not be able to cause any sort of damage to targets while using their Magic spells. 

Location and NPCs

There is no such restriction on targets or location and the player is basically free to choose whatever location or target they want, however there are certain things that should be kept in mind. While you are deciding on choosing a target for splashing, try to make sure that the other players do not and cannot have any interaction with the target, for instance, when a player is splashing on a Man of level 2, the other players around will be able to interfere in your splashing and will also be able to pickpocket your target. Which is why it is crucial that you choose a target that can not be pickpocketed and has no interaction with other players. You would also want to make absolutely sure that the target that you are splashing does not really do much (or relatively low) harm to you, as this is an AFK strategy where you choose not to pay attention to your hit points so you can do certain stuff on the side and do not have to worry about dying.

You can choose to splash at level 2 men or rats found in Lumbridge/Varrock, ideally rats in dungeons, when you are at a lower level. However, it has its disadvantages, because other players can pickpocket men  and rats can be killed off by cats, even though it is not very likely that one of these things will take place, and if in case it does happen, it is very easy to find just another man or rat. Basically, you can find these anywhere in the Old School Runescape world. As a result of the massively high number of rats, the most common place to splash would be at Lumbridge Castle. Lumbridge castle is also crowded with other fellow players who are following the same technique as you will be.

Any target you choose or can think of can be splashed on, however be very careful that they will not cause any damage to you. The chickens in Lumbridge are another good spot for the player to splash at for lower levels, they are of a very low level, do not cause any damage if you have some sort of armor and if the other players can not interfere with the chickens. You can also choose to splash on higher-level targets when you have stronger armor and a decent defense level as they will also do no damage to you with a decent defence level and with some proper gear.

Cheapest and Fastest Training Methods

You can use almost any spell you like to begin in training your Magic or start splashing. Making use of spells of a higher level also entails its own various disadvantages and advantages to the player. The greater the level of the spell is, the more experience you will gain per splash, although higher level spells will indeed cost you relatively a lot more GP, so you will have to see for yourself which spell you would like to use which depends entirely on your level of Magic and how much GP you are ready to spend. Down below we have made some assessments of how much experience you will get every hour for various spells and ultimately roughly how much GP will you have to spend. All the calculations below have been brought up assuming that they player is wearing an air staff. 

Methods of Training

Spell**XP/hrCost / Splash*
Strike13k4 gp
Bolt26k100 gp
Blast40k205 gp
Wave50k270 gp
Surge 60k424 gp

*The prices may vary depending on the current Grand Exchange prices
**The spell can be of any element, air/fire/earth/water

The obvious as you can see is that when you are making use of a magic spell with a higher level you are bound to get more experience, but this will result in an increase in the cost of the runes as well. Consequently, it all comes down to one thing and that is the personal preference of different players and they can choose whatever they prefer, if they have a considerable amount of money and are interested in spending it on splashing, they can opt for Fire Wave and gain an experience rate of around 50k for an extremely afk able method, which is not a bad option at all. When the player has run out of resources, does not have an adequate amount of money to spend or is still on a lower Magic level, he can either opt for Fire Bolt or Fire Strike as this will benefit them the most. 

How to Safe Spot and train AFK – Factors to Consider:

  • The higher the player’s defence, as a result the more enemies he can successfully ‘splash’ without dying.
  • The player does not acquire any XP for hit points as they are dealing no damage at all. 
  • There is nothing to be proud of in splashing, on the contrary, a lot of people dislike it to a great extent.
  • The player does not necessarily require a range of 40 in order to splash; only the staff from Diego and more runes will do the work. 
  • The player can not splash on PVP worlds as there aren’t any F2P PVP worlds. 


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