After the legal closure of Bogla Gold and Arcus Gold in 2019, (read here: Arcus gold and Bogla Gold Shutdown) Jagex have been able to legally close down one of the biggest Runescape Botting Sites; Powerbot and RSBot.
Jagex has been showing they have zero tolerance towards gold selling websites and third party software which are trying to ruin the game.

The bots have been ruining the economy and Runescape Skilling Locations, the gold farmers and botting farmers have been exploiting the economy by selling billions of gold through gold farming. Mostly Venezuelans have been the highest bot users in the game.

What is Powerbot?

The premier RuneScape® bot with tons of scripts including auto fighter for combat, auto clicker, mining bot, cheats, hints, tips, gold, money making bot, and lots of other scripts.

The websites (Powerbot and RSbot) will be closed at midnight October 3rd, 2020. This will be a black day in the botting history.


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