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Runescape Mobile | OSRS and RS3 Mobile Version

Runescape Mobile | OSRS and RS3 Mobile Version

The Runescape mobile is available on Android and iOS devices. The players are able to play their favorite MMORPG; Runescape anytime anywhere with their hand held devices. The idea was announced on 17th of July 2017 and the game was launched on the 30th of October 2018. The best part about this game is that it enables players to play Old School RuneScape or RS3 Mobile for free on their iOS as well as their Android devices. With the desktop client, it works cross-platform, enabling players to play using the same accounts and not making new ones. The Entertainment Software Rating Board rated Old School RuneScape as T for Teen, and the Pan European Game Information committee rated it 16, whereas the Australian Classification Board restricted it to 15+ only. 

OSRS & RS3 Mobile Features

Old School RuneScape Mobile has a discontinued and restored support to keep users signed in but inactive (as long as they are in the desktop version) if the user moves to some other application, e.g. to make a phone call; however, this may differ depending on the type of phone used by the player.In fact, players who have previously signed in to Old School RuneScape Mobile will then be able to login via the same device without really having to enter their username and password later on. The player can disable this active session by pressing Log Out in the Main Menu or by going to the player’s Account Settings and disabling it from there.

Magic Spellbook in Mobile Version

The mobile client’s spellbook interface, which has filtered Utility spells. Mobile client players can check the runes as well as the levels needed to cast a spell by taping the Info button that is found at the bottom of the spellbook interface, and then tap the spell the player desires to use. When players use enough filters to decrease the number of spells that are displayed substantially, the spell icons will become larger in order to make them more accessible to select.

How to get Runescape Mobile?

Mobile version of Runescape 3 and OSRS can be downloaded from the official app stores. App store for iOS and Play Store for the Android Users. The application is completely free of cost. All RS players can download them and start playing with their regular Runescape accounts.

Runescape Mobile Interface

The interface puts to display a few mobile-exclusive features.


This shows the battery level of the mobile device (in 4 blocks with each representing 25 percent of the battery). Players can also tap the battery icon to show the exact level for 3 ticks. A charging icon will appear over the battery icon when the phone is plugged into a charger and is charging.

Internet connection:

This helpful feature shows either a Wi-fi icon or a mobile phone to show the players whether the game is being played through a Wi-fi connection or the mobile data. 


Apart from the interface features that mobile-exclusive, there are many other options that have been launched and are exclusively just for the OSRS mobile version. These options are found within the Control and Display tabs, other than the other ones that are already available in the desktop version.


The control menu is specifically there for the player to adjust how the game is controlled and played. Keybinds and the mouse options are not shown in the mobile version. There are many features inside the Control tab that help in the user’s ease of playing and clickability. 

Tap to drop:

Tap to drop functions as a shift-click drop of the desktop. When activated, the inventory interface will have a red highlight to it and an item will be dropped instantly if the player taps on it.

Single-tap mode:

The single-tap mode basically works as a right-click option for the desktop. Upon disabling the single-tap mode, the player must tap and hold instead if they want the right-click option to pop up on an object.

Function button:

What the function button does is that upon clicking it makes a small button pop up directly above the tab for Combat Options found on the mobile client version.


The Display menu is for the graphical settings of the game. The Display setting comprises a slider and a handful of toggle buttons. However, it does not have the Advanced Options interface and the Resizable screen, and other options take its place instead. 

Adjust Frames Every Second:

What this option does is that it is displayed in the form of a slider that basically enables the player to adjust the frames per second (FPS) that is put to display by the mobile client. The slider can be adjusted and fixed to 15,20,30 and 60 (this is the maximum to which it can be set). It is suggested that players who are trying to conserve and limit their battery consumption should set their FPS to the lower settings.


The option to zoom is also displayed in the form of a slider that can be used to zoom within the game. If the player is looking for ways to disable the use of two finger zooming in option, they just need to tap the button to disable it.

Tap Via chatbox:

This option solely enables the players to choose whether or not they can tap through their chat box in the mobile version.

Store orb:

This option enables players to make a choice whether to display the store ob on the minimap or not. However, for F2P players (Free-to-play) this option is switched on by default.

Set Function

Enabling the Function button within the Controls interface activates the Set function button. Upon being enabled, it will show up immediately above the tab labelled as Combat Options. A chat box may appear when tapped which prompts players to choose a function mode in the game:


Same as the Control setup, the Tap to drop functions as a shift-click drop of the desktop. When activated, the inventory interface will have a red highlight to it and an item will be dropped instantly if the player taps on it.


The keyboard option, once selected by the player, will make the mobile keyboard appear on screen of the user’s mobile.


Upon selecting the Single tap option, tapping an object will result in it acting as the right click of the desktop on the mobile version. If the users alter the function or disable the single tap option through the Control setting’s interface, the player has to tap and hold the button for the option of “right-click” to show up on the object.

Runescape Mobile Bot

Botting is a ban able offence in Runescape. Botting is opting of unfair third party softwares or means to play the game. There are multiple bots available for the desktop version but the mobile version has no bot developed yet so far. Desktop version bots include: Osbot and Powerbot.

Pre-launch of Mobile Runescape

Players have had the chance to play Old School RuneScape Mobile on live servers at the RuneFest that was held in 2017. Players are allowed to sign up to show their interest in becoming a part of closed tests. Participation selection was focused on the type of device and the account standing.

The first planned release for Runescape Mobile Old School was in winter 2017 but was further postponed. Between 2 February 2018 to 8 February 2018, a technological beta which involved 2,000 players was run. From 13 April 2018 until 19 April 2018, a second beta involving 5,431 players was also run.

The open beta test specifically for Android was launched on the 5th of July 2018, through the help of an application available on the Google Play store. Even though it was free to download, only players who had a membership account were able to log in and play. Later in Summer 2018 the open beta for iOS was released for the masses at large.


To keep the app up to date and interesting for the users, Old School RuneScape keeps undergoing changes where many features are added and glitches are fixed. The game is all about providing its player with the best user experience and so changes and additions are made to make the OSRS experience a better one for its loyal users. Following are a list of changes that have been made over the course of the game’s release: 

20th of February 2020 (update release) 

The changes mentioned below were made to the game:

  • Mobile devices which do not really make use of the slider (The main purpose of the slider is to choose how far apart the interface can be) will no longer have the slider option.
  • The Wiki link for the iOS users has been enabled once again.

13th of February 2020 (update release)

  • If the players already have a membership that has been activated, they no longer need to redeem bonds for memberships on their respective iOS devices.

5th of December 2019 (update release) 

The changes mentioned below were made to the game:

  • If the player logs out for more than a few minutes, the tap-to-drop option for mobile users will be toggled off, just so that the users are less likely to drop their stuff by accident upon return.
  • When playing on iOS devices, links to Old School websites are no longer displayed in the account management tabs and on the welcome screen.

2nd of October 2019 (update release)

  • A new slider on the side panel options now sets at the side of your screen the minimum dead-zone. The side-stones should shift in real time as well if they are shifted. This configuration will be recognized for each user that signs out and applies to every account that logs in to the same device as the previous one.

15th of July 2019 (update release) 

The changes mentioned below were made to the game:

  • The PvP world login warning was fixed.
  • A clearer message for the disconnecting reason display was also added.

6th of June 2019 (update release)

The changes mentioned below were made to the game:

  • Free players clicking on the stats interface option of member skill should no longer randomly stop the users from executing skilling actions.
  • The mobile app symbol that displays the app and whether it is using mobile data and not the wifi was modified as well. The previous photo that displayed the smartphone was ambiguous and not clear, whereas the new icon is a far more practical design that conforms to the wifi symbol.

24th of January 2019 (update release)

The changes mentioned below were made to the game:

  • The interface for the Pest Control shop had its black background removed as it did not render well on the mobile devices. As a key element of this, they have made the buttons much more receptive.
  • The layout of the world switcher has been redesigned to make sure that sort buttons remain visible as the mobile interface scrolls and the sorting buttons increase in size.
  • The placement of the Pyramid Plunder overlay has now been changed and put in the top left, so that it does not cause a lot of obstruction.
  • The next countdown timer of the Wintertodt Boss game is no longer put to display when a game starts, this happened when the app is backgrounded on iOS and coming back when the next round starts.
  • An info button has been added to the Prayer tab, which upon activation puts to display the information on tooltip on tapping it.
  • The overlapping problem of the Store orb covering the Castle Wars timer has been sorted.

17th of January 2019 (update release)

The changes mentioned below were made to the game:

  • The obstruction problem where the chat box interface obstructed the cut scenes during Swan Song and Making History has also been sorted and does not obstruct it anymore.  
  • Deleting text from the interface showing Report Abuse after the keyboard is closed now operates as intended.
  • The left region of the XP counter now records taps even when the user has switched off the counter.
  • Tutor icons option can now be accurately toggled on and off on smartphones that come under the newcomer map.
  • The flash effect that occurred in a cutscene that was a part of the Another Slice of H.A.M has been fixed as well.

22nd of November 2018 (update release) 

  • The Store orb on mobile was shifted a little by the gamemakers to basically reduce the element of overlapping.

This guide is exlusive of RSComparison. More guides and tips can be found in our blog.


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