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What is a Runescape Private Server or RSPS?

An RSPS, also referred as the RuneScape Private Server is a gaming server made by the user themselves which is based on the original version known as ‘Runescape’. An RSPS is administered by an individual, small online teams or a group of friends in contrast to the original game, which is under Jagex’s control. 

A lot of RuneScape Private Servers are established on content that is customisable, and that could range from anything along the lines of gameplay, mini-games, items or quests. The RuneScape private sector community developers have not only been able to reverse engineer or duplicate content manually, but have also automatised ‘tools’, enabling the user to create content in a much more efficient manner. 

Anybody can play the RuneScape private sector and a lot of these servers can be found very easily without you having to make any sort of payments. If you would like to play on an RSPS, you can easily download it for free! RSComparison has all the top performing RSPS mentioned. Take a look!

However, when it comes to the question of whether they are legal or not legal, the RuneScape Private Servers lie between the grey area. While the use of these RSPS might violate copyright laws and EULA law, the law does not necessarily protect the actual use of the content of a game utilizing official clients which connect to developed servers and are also reinterpreted by other developers. Companies like Blizzard and Jagex have shut down servers back in the days which did lead to proper civil lawsuits to the owners of those servers. 

So, manoeuvre and play on private servers at your own risk. Playing on these private servers does not give rise to any sort of danger, but if we talk about hosting a private server, that might be a cause for legal concerns. However, up till now RuneScape private servers have proved to be safe to play, for the owner would hardly gain by benefit by manipulating or exploiting players either for private information or money. Micro transactions are also offered by many private servers. We have also seen merchants willing to swap your RSPS gold for Oldschool or RS3 gold just like the normal exchange works when you are swapping your RS3 to OSRS or vice versa. Swap Runescape Gold has also merged into Swap RSPS Gold.

When it comes to making your very own RuneScape private server, it is enjoyable but not as easy as it was before. Learning the basics of a few programming languages such as C#, PHP, Java (not JavaScript) and database languages such as SQL is important in being able to create a stable RSPS. But that’s not a problem since many trustworthy and reliable sources are available to help you make an RSPS of your very own. 

There’s even a starter pack for individuals to begin with in some cases. ‘RuneSuite’ and ‘Rune-Server’ are the two most used resources for any sort of RSPS. RuneSite is considered as the heart of RSPS and is well known for its RSPS List as well. Rune-Server, which is the second website, is basically known for its considerably large RSPS development community with downloads and helpful tutorials that will provide you with major aid in creating a server of your own. 

Difference Between RSPS and Oldschool

Despite the fact that an RSPS has a layout that is almost a spitting image of the real RuneScape, in a lot of instances it is not even close to being the same. The manager (in the RSPS normally referred to as the ‘owner’) of the RSPS has the ability to be able to modify the game completely. One of the major reasons as to why RSPS are preferred over real Runescape is because the individual is able to achieve high levels and collect rare items rather more easily than the real RuneScape. Another factor is that, the manager is able to create items that are customised in RuneScape Private Servers that cannot be collected by users in the real game. 

As per your expectation, it is true that RSPS’ and RuneScape are two entirely different concepts. A new account registration is required (in terms of RSPS) and using your real RuneScape information for registering is not an option, you will have to make a separate account. 

People who are well acquainted with the game are the ones who usually develop RSPS. They are at the top of their game definitely know how to get there. Since they are familiar with the game, they want to give it a try and take it up a notch. The spy bots and glitches you come across are reduced and a lot of improvements are made on the features of the original game. These servers, more often prove to be better more enhanced versions of the original game. 

The user gets access to many features in RSPS that are not even accessible on the original game. Loads of new content is available for you and you will also be able to access all the member items for free! You can also look around and see the previously locked member areas without my hindrance at all. More gameplay features and new mini-games that add a kick to the game are also available on some servers. 

Gaining experience points on the RSPS is more rapid than gaining experience in the original game. Unlocking the most distinguished features and reaching the maximum level can be done much more rapidly than in OldSchool. Rising to the top is quite easy in RSPS and you do not have to spend an absurd amount of time playing the game to do so. 

A selective community of serious gamers is what RSPS are usually comprised of. So, if crowded main communities -like that of RuneScape- are not your thing then RSPS are probably better for you. They are a great way to play with users that are keen on developing strong bonds and are passionate about the game. 

Private servers save up a lot of your money. Most of these servers can be used and downloaded for free. They make profits mostly through advertisements and so you won’t have to pay a membership fees which is not the case with RuneScape. You will get all the advantages of a membership without having to spend money. 



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