There are many ways for a user to make profit on RuneScape Old School. Such methods vary from common item farming activities in all MMORPGs till more creative and individual ones, such as converting or flipping items from the Grand Exchange. The profitability and preliminary requirements of these money making methods has great differences, and many low requirement holding methods exist that will still reap you a huge amount of Gold per hour. So do not get discouraged if you are a relatively new user, for you will find the money making methods listed below very useful along with the help of our guide. 

This guide will give you an overview of some of the most interesting and unique Gold Farming ways available that have been proven to be beneficial in the OSRS. We have listed both high and low level methods, so that players of every stage and experience level can get something out of it. 

1.Double Nats Crafting

One of the oldest ways to Runecraft for RuneScape gold is Crafting double nats and it also enables the user to train the relatively slow skill of Runecrafting at a decent rate. The players are required to fill their inventory with as much pure essence as they can, filling their familiar and pouches to the top and making a journey into the wilderness, if they want to use this method for runecraft RuneScape gold. The next step for the player is to head over to the abyss and gain entrance into it by speaking to the wizard. The RuneScape users should then make their way to the inner circle, look for the natural hole and then enter upon finding it. The final task requires them to enter the altar portal, construct their runes and then teleport them to Edgeville. That’s about it! In order to gain more and more gold this process should be repeated. 

Gold gain per hour in RuneScape: About 4 million gold every hour with comparatively low stats.

2.Leather Tanning 

The tanning of different types of dragon leathers available is another very profitable method of making gold in RuneScape. In order to gain best results, the player should go for the most rewarding leather to tan at the time they choose to do so. For the user to accomplish this all they need is to set up a bank along with their inventory with all the appropriate hide and then tan them by clicking on the portable crafter. The method of tanning leather is the most effective RuneScape gold making way for players who are new and looking for ways to make some hassle free RuneScape gold — there are no requirements or skill needed in tanning. However, the only thing needed is an adequate amount of gold to start up and buy respective hide for them to tan. If the amount of gold is not sufficient, the player can buy RuneScape gold here in order to start making gold by himself using this method of making gold. 

Gold gain per hour in RuneScape: Around 5 million gold per hour with zero stats. 

3.Mud Runes Making

The user is required to create mud runes at the altar that is right near the lumber yard if they want to use this method for making gold in RuneScape. The player must teleport the lumber yard first and then run southwards to the mysterious ruins. They are supposed to enter the altar, and arm the steam battle staff and to end it all, the magic imbue spell must be cast to create these mud runes. 

Gold gain per hour in RuneScape: Around 7 million gold per each with comparatively lower stats.

4.Herb Runs

Completing daily herb runs is another effective and efficient way to earn RuneScape gold. For the user to achieve this, he needs to examine all the herb patches available, find the most rewarding herb that they can at their current farming level and plant it, and then finally return a little while later to reap the rewards and plant more new herbs. For a larger sum of RuneScape gold profit the user can repeat this process many times a day. 

Gold gain per hour RuneScape: Near 10 million gold every single hour with comparatively low stats.


If you are looking for ways to make gold by flipping RuneScape items, it is advised to buy them at a cheaper rate and then sell them high. The first step is to price check the item and get its margins on the Grand Exchange and determine whether or not the item is worth flipping. Warning: RuneScape Gold should be sufficient enough for the player to cover the grand exchange offer that he has placed. Only then will the player be able to buy the object and then sell it at a higher rate. However, Dedication and practice are the only two elements the user needs to master. 

Gold gain per hour in RuneScape: Greater than 100 million gold every hour with zero stats. 


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