Walsu Gold Reivew, Vouches and Feedback

What and Who is Walsu Gold?

Walsu Gold is a website dedicated to providing services for one of the biggest MMORPG and the most popular online game among the players around the world. That is Oldschool Runescape. In the early 2018, WalsuGold was established in 2018 and begin with a website to serve the Runescape Players with their needs. The main focus is to provide high level OSRS accounts on rent to the interested players that may rent an account on hourly basis for PKing or Staking. Apart from rentals, they also provide fire cape service.

What services are offered by Walsu Gold?

  • PKing Account Rentals
  • Maxed Main Rentals

How Does It Work?

The maxed main rental process is super easy and convenient.
First Step: All you have to do is to go on their website and navigate through the website to your desired rental page i.e PKing account or Maxed Main Account from the top menu.

Walsu Gold Homepage
Walsu Gold Homepage Preview

Second Step: Click on the desired amount of time you are looking to rent for. This will take you to the livechat.

Third Step: Talk to the livechat agent to arrange the rental for you. You will get the details and location about how to proceed with the transaction.

Fourth Step: Enjoy your rental!

Is WalsuGold Trusted?

Walsu Gold is a trusted rental service since 2018. They have been able to gain over 250 vouches on Sythe, 34+ on Trust Pilot and alot more on other platforms. So we will recommend they are cheap and safe to use for your next rental session.

You can also search for more Renters on our Maxed Main Rentals directory or Buy OSRS Gold to enhance your Oldschool Runescape Experience.


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