ZedRS Review, Feedback and Vouches

Introduction to ZedRS

ZedRS (established in 2013) is a company dealing with Runescape gold transfer services, OSRS Rentals and Power Leveling. Their main aim is to provide the most trustworthy and best quality services to the Runescape Community. From the last 7 years, ZedRS has been conducting Runescape Gold Swapping, RS3 to OSRS and vice versa, Maxed Main Rentals, Hand done power leveling and many more Runescape related services. They have a 99.99% positive feedback with over 100k+ customers since they have emerged as the oldest and the most trusted GP Swapping Service

What services do they offer?

  • RS3 to OSRS Swaps
  • OSRS to RS3 Swaps
  • Maxed Main Rentals
  • Hand Done Power Leveling

How Does Runescape Gold Swapping Works?

Runescape Gold swap is the exchange of RS3 to OSRS Gold or OSRS to RS3 through a mediator which will exchange your gold according to the current swap rates. According to ZedRS, the swap rates are not decided by them, they are a reflection of demand/supply and the current USD rate for the runescape gold. Therefore the rates for swapping keeps changing through the day and sometimes even more occasionally.

How to proceed with swapping?

  • Go to the RS3 to OSRS swap page on ZedRS.
  • Fill in the simple form with the amount of gold you have and then select the game version. The form will show you current exchanging ratio.
  • Click on Swap Now to be forwarded to the livechat.
  • Talk to the livechat agent to get the swapping location in game.
  • Proceed with the swap safely, make sure you trade the correct in-game names and get it confirmed on the livechat.
  • Enjoy the game because you have successfully swapped your wealth and most probably able to afford more items now.

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Current Swap Rates

The swap rates keep changing, to find the most up to date swap rates you can head over to the livechat on ZedRS.

As of April 13, 2020, average Rs3 to OSRS rate is 6M rs3 to 1M OSRS.

Is ZedRS Trusted?

ZedRS is one of the most trusted Runescape Gold Exchange and Maxed Main Rental website operating since 2013. They have around 2000+ Vouches on Sythe, over 200 on Powerbot, over 1000 on Reddit and alot more on other platforms. The livechat on the website is online 24/7/365 to conduct swaps and rentals. We personally recommend using ZedRS for any of your OSRS or RS3 gold exchange needs. Be sure to ask them for the VIP rates to get more value of your money.

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